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What's your favorite part about winter if you like it?

Asked by Aesthetic_Mess (7887points) October 31st, 2010

If you hate winter, what do you hate about it?

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Going to sleep in a warm bed to the sound of wind and raindrops.

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Sadly, we don’t get much of it here, but I still love snow.

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I love the quietness of winter and the beauty of snow.

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Winter nature, bare trees, blustery days, winter sun. I can’t say I love it for too long, but i has its beauty.

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Keep in mind that I experience San Diegan winter. Which, on the coldest days, doesn’t go down below 50 degrees.
I am, without a doubt, more comfortable in a sweatshirt than I am in any other layer of clothing. And it’s hard to wear a sweatshirt in a 105-degree summer.
I love to have hot soups. The warming feeling of a hot gulp of soup headed down to my stomach is amazing. In summer, it’s downright painful to be sweating and consume more scorching hot food.
In the morning, the feeling of satisfaction for every single additional second spent under the covers.
The clouded sky make for much more of an interesting view than a plain blue sky, or one with just a few thin clouds.
The rain brings life to the dead desert that is San Diego. It’s incredibly relaxing to watch and listen to the rain fall down.

Plus there are two family-oriented “Let’s get together and stuff our faces” holidays in the winter.

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What I like about winter is it’s not sweltering hot :-p

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The cooler temperatures for sure. Especially after our overly long, scorching summers here in Phoenix, Arizona. We know we’re not getting snow so we’ll just take the more pleasant temps and maybe some rain if Mother Nature is in a compassionate mood.

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I hate the horrible cold sleety nights but next day I love the cold clear morning with fresh snow on the hills.

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Going out for a walk when everything has been blanketed in snow. Having my cheeks get rosy and tingle from the cold while every other body part is bundled up and warm. Coming home to a hot cup of tea and the aroma of Mom’s homemade vegetable beef soup. Sitting on the hearth next to a roaring fire and watching Dad clean his shot gun after a day of bird hunting. Heading up to what should be a cold bed, only to find that Dad turned on the electric blanket for me a few minutes earlier.

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Skiing/Snowboarding and a warm fire and cuddling with the BF =]

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I love that it is darker in the evenings earlier. I’m the only person I know that appreciates that!

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Cwistmas! Yay!!

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Skiing! Skiing is really fun. I love to ski! can’t wait, can’t wait, can’t wait to go SKIING!!!!!

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I like the sight of snow covered trees and houses. Great big snowflakes coming down in a thick swirl against a dark velvet sky. Roaring fires on a hearth or on the banks of the river or lake where we’re fishing or snowmobiling. The sight of a shanty town on the lake. Breath that comes out in big, billowing clouds. Cold fingers wrapped around a mug of hot cocoa. Sweaters. The weight of several blankets on my bed. The absolute stillness in the woods, and the sound of a pile of snow falling off a branch. The ratio of dark to light as it shifts, @Leanne1986, I like it too. The sight of the sky through bare tree branches; that particular shade of blue only happens in November. Snowballs, snowmen and snow forts!
I love winter.

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That its not so hot, and the beautiful view that the snow makes.

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Christmas displays at the mall.
Twinkling Christmas lights on houses.
The scent of gingerbread baking in my house.
Shiny foil wrapping paper.
The scent of pinetrees.
Snow in the mountains.
The scent of wood smoke coming from neighborhood fireplaces.
Sugar cookies with icing.
Outdoor ice skating rinks.
My family’s heirloom Christmas ornaments.
The scent of clean air.
Christmas music (especially “Carol of the Bells” and “The Holly and the Ivy”)
Grandma’s Christmas recipes.
Disneyland decked out as a winter wonderland.
A Charlie Brown Christmas.
Empty beaches.
Sleigh bells and jingle bells.
Making Christmas cards with glitter.
How The Grinch Stole Christmas.
The sound of fresh snow crunching beneath my boots.
Hot apple cider.
The sight of ribbon candy (not so much the flavor).
Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on TV.
Rum cake.
Christmas tree farms.
Family traditions.

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Love: first snow falls, when it’s quite and the snow is falling white; snowy Christmas mornings. Hate: dirty, cold, slushiness; driving in the snow

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I love the coldness.
The almost complete silence in the night.
The pure whiteness covering everything.
Everyone having a cold so they don’t have enough energy to bother me.
Darkness coming early.
The calm atmosphere.
Yelling at the snow plow guys who always push more snow in the driveway.
Hot chocolate.
Running with my dog threw the snow.
Falling asleep in the snow.
Plus 100 other reasons.

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The bare trees of winter enables one to see for miles; so too, one’s spiritual vision improves due to the quiet long nights of winter, and absence of distractions extant during other seasons

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Snow, especially a freshly fallen coat of snow that is undisturbed.

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Snow days!

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I love the crispness of cooler air.

I love the quiet of a world blanketed in snow.

I love my dog’s extra friskiness.

I love being snuggled under the covers when the air outside the bed clohes is cool.

I love enjoying a fire.

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Love winter..
I would have to say one of my favorite things about it is the holidays, from halloween to christmas to the new year, they are all great..
Also love having a fire in the house and being able to have a hot cocoa while watching a awesome movie and spending time in the indoors..
I would love to live where there are cabins and just appreciate the cold wind and the beautiful views which are covered with snow…

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@Marodr13 I forgot the joy of hot cocoa! Good one.

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Aside from snow, just being outside in the cold air is fantastic to me. I generally stay outside as much as possible during the winter.

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I drive now, so I hate it. Mhrr mhrr mhrr…

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Coffee is better
Decorating a tree; buying new dec’s
Turkey & Stuffing & Gravy
No more sweltering heat !
Hot apple pie
Using the fireplace
Giving and receiving gifts

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there are parts of it i hate and parts i love, like when its rainy outside and i can curl up in a blankey and watch a movie…but i hate HATE wet socks >.<

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The first snow
Snuggling under down comforters and watching movies with hot chocolate.
Snowball fights

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No grass cutting
Cleaner air
Cool/cold temps
winter clothing—I like
kids are in school

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My favorite part is that I don’t have to actually have one. In the Northern California Valley, the seasons are wet and not wet. I hate snow, except when I can see it on the peaks of the Sierra Nevada’s, which I can see from my yard. And, I can still swim in my heated pool. Ha, ha.

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@daytonamisticrip How exactly do you fall aslepp in the snow?

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@Leanne1986 It’s quite easy. When you are really bundled up and feel warm, lying in about two feet of snow is one of the best feelings in the world. I almost fell asleep, but my mother wouldn’t let me.

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@Aesthetic_Mess I see, never heard of that!

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@Leanne1986 You should try it! It feels great and refreshing

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You guys are making me have snow envy!

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@Leanne1986 I have only done it once but it is very peaceful. I just lay down in the snow in the middle of my yard and close my eyes.

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@marinelife: sometimes I go for the chocolate instead of the coffee because either its too late or I just want something sweet..
@Leanne1986: The clear refreshing weather is awesome, very nice to look up in the sky and see so many stars.. love it when we have the fire pit running… Aww what a great feeling..
Not sure about falling asleep in the snow for its wet, and for sure cold.. In my opinion its not what i want in a cold windy day… So prefer a warm bowl of soup.. Yummy!!

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When there’s snow, nights appear to become shorter.

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@Marodr13 That’s what I thought. I couldn’t lie down in the snow unless I was completely protected against the cold and wet.

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