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When all the suicide bombers have succeeded in blowing themselves up, who declares victory?

Asked by ETpro (34550points) October 31st, 2010

It appears the attack on a police bus in the heart of Istanbul, Turkey was the work of a suicide bomber. It left 32 people injured to make some sort of political point—who knows what. 15 police officers, the apparent targets, and 17 innocent civilians were injured. So when all the world’s suicide bombers are done blowing themselves into the hereafter, who among their group will be left to enjoy the great victory they achieve?

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The people who’ve been telling them to do it.

To whom does a martyr bring victory? (Or, if ‘victory’ isn’t the right word: who benefits from martyrdom? It certainly isn’t the martyr, corporeally speaking.)

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The explosive manufacturers.

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The last man standing, Sheikh Amyarse :¬)

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I like the headline I once saw, “Suicide Bomber Kills One”

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i don’t think anytime soon, it is seemingly a growing cult phenomenon.

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I feel that they are not worried about what is to come when they are gone for they accomplished there goal..
there mentally is over our ideas, to kill yourself for a purpose has to really be some deep emotional connection with…
But I would say they won to have accomplished the goal they have set..
What i have learned is the fact that many people are not worried about what is going on in this world but what comes after, there spiritual life, and by there accomplishing there goals they have a good afterlife, or that is what I have read..

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there will always be new suicide bombers

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One breeds more as they show the gory footage as homage to the martyrs. I hope all of the 72 virgins are like 90 yrs old. That would be cool huh?

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No one will declare victory because there is nothing to win. We must start listening to why the terrorists do what they do, before we blindly ridcule them. How are they any different from when the US flies an unmanned plane over a country and drops a bomb on a village killing many civilians?
Did you know that prior to our occupation of Iraq, there was NEVER a suicide bombing in that country in its entire history?

Here’s what Faisal Shahzad said at his recent sentencing (after talking about being a droplet in a flood):

”[Saladin] liberated Muslim lands… And that’s what we Muslims are trying do, because you’re occupying Iraq and Afghanistan…So, the past nine years the war with Muslims has achieved nothing for the U.S., except for it has waken up the Muslims for Islam. We are only Muslims trying to defend our people, honor, and land. But if you call us terrorists for doing that, then we are proud terrorists, and we will keep on terrorizing until you leave our land and people at peace.”

And this is what Shahzad said when he pled guilty back in June:

“I want to plead guilty, and I’m going to plead guilty 100 times over, because until the hour the U.S. pulls its forces from Iraq and Afghanistan, and stops the drone strikes in Somalia and Yemen and in Pakistan, and stops the occupation of Muslim lands, and stops killing the Muslims, and stops reporting the Muslims to its government, we will be attacking U.S., and I plead guilty to that.’’

Then there’s email that Shahzad sent to a friend in 2006:

“Everyone knows the current situation of Muslim World… Friends with peaceful protest! Can you tell me a way to save the oppressed? And a way to fight back when rockets are fired at us and Muslim blood flows? In Palestine, Afghan, Iraq, Chechnya and else where.”

And then there’s what Shahzad was telling friends and relatives even before that:

Mr. Shahzad had long been critical of American foreign policy. “He was always very upset about the fabrication of the W.M.D. stunt to attack Iraq and killing non-combatants such as the sons and grandson of Saddam Hussein,” said a close relative. In 2003, Mr. Shahzad had been copied on a Google Groups e-mail message bearing photographs of Guantánamo Bay detainees, handcuffed and crouching, below the words “Shame on you, Bush. Shame on You.”

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@thekoukoureport I read somewhere that the 72 virgin thins is an unfortunate mistranslation. What it really promises is 72 raisins. If that’s so, there are going to be some really disappointed martyrs.

@chris6137 Yes I am aware of what a mess we’ve made of Iraq, not that Saddam was a sweetheart, mind you. But we’ve given Iran a clear opening to add Iraq I was well aware back when we were being fed the lies about WMDs and the hints at Iraq’s involvement in 9/11 that the Bush Administration was lying and there was no need for the war. I also knew that Cheney’s claim that the war would mostly pay for itself was patently absurd. One trillion dollars later, most Americans can see that.

Still, many Americans are unaware that the US CIA helped the Baath Party come into power, and that this is how Saddam became the dictator of Iraq to begin with. We were afraid that the legitimate government of Iraq would nationalize the oil fields, and worked to get him overthrown in favor of a dictatorship we thought would be friendly to Western Oil interests.

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Wait… so you mean to tell me the CIA helped Saddam?
What are you gonna say next… the CIA helped Bin Laden too?

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@chris6137 It isn’t just me saying it. I gave you a link. You can search out plenty more. It is a well established historical fact. We helped the Baath party, of which Saddam was a member, sieze control of Iraq. Saddam wasn’t hand chosen by us, but he was crafty and ruthless enough to eliminate his competition and emerge atop the Baath Party.

As to Osama bin Laden, he is rather like Saddam. We never signaled him out for help, but we did work with the Taliban (then called the Mujaheddin), providing them money, arms and training to resist the Russian invasion. Our meddling in Afghanistan is part of what pushed Russic to invade in the first place. And Osama bin Laden was a part of the Mujaheddin at the time—so yes, we indirectly helped him rise to power as well.

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Suicide bombings create lose-lose situations. There are no winners.

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