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Vaja Top SP or incase slider?

Asked by fortris (683points) April 2nd, 2008

Yes, their cases for he iphone, but I cant decide.
Here are the links for those that do not know what these are:

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I feel like my IQ just dropped a little

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I have a black and a white incase slider. I like them a lot. Very sleek looking, not bulky at all.

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I considered the incase slider, but wanted the docking port protected from dust when it’s not docked… so I decided to go with the Otterbox Defender It arrived in today’s mail, can’t wait to get home and play with it. I decided on it because the docking port is protected when it’s not docked, but the speaker and microphone are still fully available.

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I looked at the otterbox, but it’s WAY too bulky for me. I ended up with the incase slider because the Vaja is just TOO pricey.

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The two cases you’re asking about aren’t really comparable. If you want a stylish looking leather case, then get that one. The incase slider is a more rugged plastic case.

I personally would get the incase if I were you- I never understood the point of a case you had to remove in order to make/answer a call.

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The Vaja cases are really nice. Good luck finding a spot where you can try some out though.
Too bad we can’t all be as smart as Cheebdragon.

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aw its not your fault….....

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