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How does one take care of white leather shoes?

Asked by gggritso (5449points) October 31st, 2010

I have a nice pair of white Puma sneakers that are starting to show their age. The rubber sole is starting to get dark, the top is getting a little scratched, etc. Do you have any good tips for maintaining or cleaning shoes like this?

Do you have ideas on how to keep them smelling fresh? How about getting rid of dark stains on the leather? How do you get the laces clean? What about keeping the inside heel from wearing down?

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Keep them smelling fresh – allow at least 24 hours to pass between wearings, so they can completely dry out.

Get laces clean – throw them in the washer, after a time, just buy new laces, $2.99 can do wonders for the look of your shoes

General cleanliness – you can buy a can of foam from the shoe store, and just treat them once in a while

Rubber turning color – unfortunately, over time, colors will turn/fade. Eventually you’ll need to get a new pair of shoes

Heel from wearing down – nothing you can do, but you can replace the soles with customs, which not only give you a new sole, but can potentially make a more comfy fit than original

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I wash mine in the washing machine. Easy!

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@mrrich724 Great answers, thanks. I should have clarified though, I meant the back of the shoe at the heel, I guess it’s the area where the very back of your foot makes contact with the shoe wall.

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aaah. Yes, that happens in my dress shoes. I can’t figure one out for that.

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Contact the Puma website and click on “shoe care”

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A hot rumble in the washing machine just took all the grime away, be sure to throw in the shoe laces. use regular detergent, plus a scoop of OxyClean. this combo is great for dirty, smelly sneakers. let air dry in the hot sun, if possible.

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@YARNLADY When I got the shoes, it had a link to that page in the package, and it 404d each time. I still cannot find it.

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Kiwi Leather Shoe Whitener works great for me and even gets rid of those mysterious heel scuffs. Costs about $3 at Target.

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