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If Verizon FIOS hookup is brought to a condo building but the old copper wire is used inside does that obviate FIOS?

Asked by anartist (14774points) October 31st, 2010

In other words, is the service only as fast as the slowest link in the chain and therefore a waste of money if a line is not pulled for would-be subscriber in the building?

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Short answer is NO. Don’t worry, any copper or wifi will give better throughput than what you get.

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Yeah, I don’t think so. At my last apartment I know it had fiber up to the building and then copper in the building. I know this because the installer’s device was saying I was three miles away from the box (I was a few hundred feet) and the problem turned out to be a three inch long piece of copper wiring that had a problem.

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It wont be true Fiber Optic because of the copper, but you should not notice a speed difference.

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It’s not hard to get high speed over a short bit of copper. If they are building it out well, the cable modem will probably be the gating item in a lot of cases.

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@mrentropy—rhe real question is how many nanoseconds were you away on that 3” of copper?

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Grace Hopper, Navy computer guru, used to pass out “nanoseconds” [a six-inch piece of copper wire” at lectures.

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