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How do you describe happiness?

Asked by Soubresaut (11250points) October 31st, 2010

If you feel bubbly emptiness, is it happiness? Or is happiness filling?
Is it an overwhelming joy or just the ability to smile?
A normal state of being, or a passing feeling?

Do you need passion or meaning for happiness?

How important is happiness? Is it something to strive for? At what cost?

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Happiness is best described with metaphor and analogy. So that’s how I describe it.

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Happiness is the feeling you get when you do something you enjoy. A hug, paying bills on time, getting a phone call from a loved one, getting a B on the test you thought for sure you’d get a C on, eating chocolate, wearing your favorite sweatshirt, trying a new activity you always wanted to do, watching a beautiful sunset, helping someone in need.

It’s pretty simple, really. The sad thing is, people forget that.

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I feel happy when I am out of pain, feel secure, and am not worrying about something. There are moments where I experience what I call glee, a kind of heightened happiness in a particular moment, where I am very aware I am enjoying myself, and it is over some simple thing, like warm sunshine hitting my skin, or my husband caressing me while we watch tv on the coach. Even different than those described above there are times when I am thrilled. I think many people think being thrilled is synonomous with being happy, the seek high highs, and I think the expectation is too high, and those people are constantly dissapointed and frustrated.

What I have discovered as I get older, is that when I feel happy, if I pause, and consciously soak up the moment, the moment lasts longer, like time slows down. So, I guess I am answering your question about whether it is a passing feeling, I think it is, but the little moments start to add up, and you begin to feel an overall happiness about life.

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“Being happy doesn’t mean that everything is perfect. It means that you’ve decided to look beyond the imperfections. Unknown

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Happiness is the sweet smile and warm heartbeats while thinking of the persons you love

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Few and far between bits and snippets of joy originating from different sources. Not at all long-lasting but very fulfilling. They go on to make for sweet memories.

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where there is peace there is happiness.

one is at rest when they re satisfied and is in needs of nothing.

this is peace and happiness and is a state of mind which the person must adopt

and it is not subjective to whims and fancies of circumstances.

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for me happiness is the feeling I get when I do something good, for myself or for other people.
When I eat chocolate, when I am with the ones I care for and love.
When I am doing well in school.
When I can manage my life.

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Happiness is knowing you are loved.

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Happiness is never having to stop & think that you are….......just know! :¬)

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Happiness comes from within yourself. External things are temporary. Just be happy.

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Happiness is inner peace and contentment.

It is seeing beyond the illusions of the world and in recognizing the interconnectedness of everything on a cellular level.
True happiness comes from living ones own dream separate from the dream of the world.

When one is free of needing approval from others, no longer attached to anything or anyone outside of themselves as a means of securing a sense of self, happiness is born and one has attained a measure of ‘enlightenment.’

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Happiness is being able to smile at the little things and understand the bad things are only momentary.

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Happiness is what I think I’m feeling when I’m not feeling depressed or like I could soon be depressed. Happiness is something I could never have imagined when I was depressed. Happiness is such a strange thing, I’m always afraid I’ll blow it soon, except that I don’t think about that fear. It’s a calmness and a sense of security even a sense that I am ok; that I haven’t fucked up recently and I’m not likely to fuck up soon.

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Being able to relax your body and mind and to enjoy the comedy of life.

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Yes..the ’ comedy of life’...perfect!

Thats why the buddha is always laughing…waking up to the absurdity of the dream! lol

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In my opinion there are two types of happiness. Fake happiness is laughing at a joke, or going on an amusement park ride. Your only happy for a little while then it passes and it doesn’t matter. It does make you happy but not truly happy.
Then there is true happiness. 20 years down the road you still feel good about it. It still makes you smile. :)

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You sure a wise one for such a youngster. ;-)

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For me, a general feeling of happiness is when my tummy isn’t hungry, I’m safe, comfy and nothing “bad” happens.

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I don’t.

It fucking ruins it.

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I know what you mean dude… describing happiness makes me sad.

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The feel of my husband’s hand on my hip. The warmth of spring sunshine. The laughter of my children. Something that catches my attention, focuses all my thoughts on this moment, and makes me sigh with contentment.

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Happiness is when what you think, what you say, and what you do are in harmony.
~ Mahatma Gandhi

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