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Would you park illegally to keep from walking two city blocks?

Asked by Aster (18947points) November 1st, 2010

I did. I parked directly in front of the Court House for three days to the tune of $20 worth of parking tickets to avoid walking two blocks to a legal parking spot . It was in deadly heat and I just did not want to be bothered walking. I think the sign where I parked read, “Jurors Only.” And I wasn’t a juror!

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No, I would be afraid my car would be towed and then I’d really be walking! I’m not much of a risk taker.

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No, not if it could be avoided. $20 seems like a very low fine for taking a spot from someone who is doing a civic duty just so you could be lazy.

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I leave parking spots open close to where I’m going for people less fortunate that have trouble walking. I can still walk easily, but I hope someone takes pity on me in 20 years.

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No I always try and obey the laws. I don’t even speed.

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@Adirondackwannabe I would not park in the spots that were for the physically challenged. There were plenty of those, empty.
@Likeradar I was doing my civic duty at the courthouse.

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@Aster You said you parked in a jurors only area and you weren’t a juror? You were doing some other civic duty that you decided was worthy of a good parking spot? Are you bragging about this? Not sure what your point is, quite honestly.

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@Aster I wasn’t refering to the handicapped spaces. I just see older people that can barely walk and figure they need the closer spots.

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@Adirondackwannabe My kind of guy. Thanks for making the world easier for older people.

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No, for the same reason I won’t sit in a parking lot waiting 5 minutes for someone to pull their car out of a parking space close to the front of the store. Is it really that hard to walk a little distance? It amazes me what people will do so they don’t have to walk a little. I can park my car further down, get out and into the store, while these people are still waiting for that precious spot up close. Unbelievable!

I also don’t want to break the law.

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@chyna I do what I can while I still can.

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@Adirondackwannabe There were plenty of empty spaces for the elderly. I’M elderly! This is not a big city. It’s not like there are 100 old ladies with canes who had to walk a long way. This had to do with choosing a jury and , out of the people being “interviewed” I was probably one of the oldest . I thought you were not called to jury duty after a certain age but maybe I’m wrong. Everyone seemed quite young to me.
I feel sure that an old person with a cane or without one could not make it up the steps .

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@Likeradar never mind. I feel you’re barking at me and who needs that? lol Have a good one.

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@Aster Nope, not baking. Just questioning what seems to me like an overinflated sense of deservingness and hoping you’ll make me see it another way. Apparently not. Have a good one too.

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Yes, if the fine was cheaper than parking generally. Also, if the two blocks was to the hospital, I would prefer not to walk.

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@Aster Didn’t mean it to be critical. Just stating what I do. If you need a closer space to fulfill your civic duty grab it.

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I wouldn’t have done it, but I also tend to park at far away parking spots just so that I have to walk, unless I’m sick or injured.

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@Seaofclouds I do that to. It’s a good little burst of exercise. I like to park at the end of a parking lot so I won’t be stuck waiting on those that are waiting for that close spot. Makes it much easier to get out of there!

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I don’t drive.

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@jonsblond I agree. I don’t see the point in waiting 5 minutes for a spot by the door. By the time those people get parked, I’m already inside shopping.

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@Adirondackwannabe Yes, we Seniors who are not sick can still have a hard time walking that far in the heat.

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@Aster My mom is in her mid 70s, and I know that walking two city blocks in extreme heat would have been very difficult for her. She has many health issues. I understand why you did what you did. It’s too bad you didn’t have someone that could have dropped you off.

My response before is mostly directed toward the young and healthy. It’s a big pet peeve of mine.

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@jonsblond Right up there with waiting for a spot next to the door is those idiots that go to the gym for exercise and park in the fire lane so they don’t have to walk! These people were very buff guys, not handicapped at all, just lazy.

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@chyna That’s hilarious, but I’ve witnessed similar. Just makes me shake my head at human nature.

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When I can, I try to park a little farther away so I walk a few extra blocks. I started driving about a year ago and moved from a “walkable” neighborhood to the suburbs. It really makes you less active.

I do understand parking closer if you need to, like if you have difficulty walking or health issues.

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No, I’m a scaredy cat.. I don’t even speed. I come to full stops at stop signs, etc. Plus, I am the person that always parks at the first easy spot I find. All the way at the back of the parking lot, 2 city blocks away.. you name it. I figure it’s good exercise, anyhow. It pisses off the people riding in my car with me, but, I hate trying to wiggle in and out of tight parking.

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I’m with @jonsblond. Is it really that difficult to walk a few steps?

I can’t tell you how many times I have parked on the other side of the lot from somebody waiting for another to pull out of that choice spot and still walked into the store ahead of them. Besides, I rather like walking.

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No, I enjoy the walk.

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No. I think part of MY civic duty is to not disenfranchise others from their rights. Taken a parking space meant for other people is disenfranchising others of their rights.
But please don’t ask me if I wear my seat belt and drive the speed limit.

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I think it is wonderful that so many jellies are obviously into walking!
@Joybird I disenfranchised No One of their “rights.” They were spaces for jurors and there was no court on that day.—Broooother.

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Are you saying that even though you were summoned to assemble for potential jury service, you weren’t considered to be a juror?

In Los Angeles county, if you’re directed to go to a courthouse to assemble to potentially serve on a jury, you’re eligible for juror parking.

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Right. I was not considered to be a juror! No one , I don’t think, parked where I parked. I never served. I was not one of the Lucky Chosen to Perform a Civic Duty. Better luck next time?

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No. They are giving out traffic tickets like no tomorrow.

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I don’t mind the walk.

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If you are handicapped in some way, then you can get a placard from the DMV to park closer. Otherwise, you are just lazy and taking a spot away from somebody who needs it (in the case of a handicapped space or a space marked for jurors only) or you will be creating a safety hazard in the case of parking in a red or fire zone or you will be blocking other people’s access in the case of parking in front of someone’s driveway or in a parking lot where there is no parking space marked.

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No. And I have fibromyalgia, which makes walking any distance quite painful. So I am one of those people waiting for a close spot, though!

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@Kardamom None of those conditions existed where I parked. No jury that day, no handicapped spot , no safety hazard, no parking lot, no driveway. LOL ! keep trying!

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