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If I baked a sweet potato and then left it out overnight, is it still safe to eat?

Asked by theabk (683points) November 1st, 2010

I baked sweet potatoes last night then turned the oven off to let them cool down but forgot to take them out. Are they still safe (from a bacterial perspective)?

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I would eat them. Just get them hot again. I have ate pizza that sat in my room for over 24 hours and lived.

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Spray water on it and microwave for 45 seconds. That should kill most of the germs. Unless there’s sour cream or butter on it, in which case I’d throw it away.

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Sometimes I take a baked SP with me to work and eat it all by itself unheated.
Never had an issue eating them after hours, but, butter or other things that can go rancid.

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Technically, this truth in the answer to this question varies from person to person.

One person could eat this potato, or even meat, several days later after sitting on a counter – without getting sick. [Hardy]

Others cannot eat things that have been sitting out. [Sickly]

The general guidelines that are presented are always for the sickly ones [the lowest common denominator], to prevent death and thereby preventing lawsuits.

So the question is – are you sickly, or hardy?

I can eat such things without worry, and I catch colds maybe every 5 years or so. Never ill in between. Almost 30. Don’t like to eat such things, though! lol.

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Yes, I think it is OK.

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Good point, I agree!
I have a cast iron stomache, always have, could eat chili dogs for breakfast. but I don’t

Even traveling, never an issue, ate a chinese sausage and sea snails in a night market in asia last year, along with tons of street noodles and various strange fruits and veggies…no problems, must be the goat in me as a Capricorn. haha

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That’s funny—I did the same thing with some “regular” potatoes last night! I ate them, anyway, and so far, so good….

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I’d say it’s still good but this is coming from a person that always leaves food out for days and still eats it.

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I would eat it, but I would microwave it first to make sure it’s very hot.

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Sweet potato – yes! It’s been thoroughly baked and left to cool in a sterile atmosphere. Eat it as it is, make a dip or heat up if you want. To keep for longer, cover or put into an airtight container and store in the fridge for several days and still eat as is or re-heat if wanted. Veg is very much safer than anything that contains meat or dairy, the bugs will have been killed in the cooking and will more likely tend to grow mould than entertain harmful bacteria if left out for longer.

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