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How quick would you expect wikipedia to be updated?

Asked by Pazza (3184points) November 1st, 2010

With respect to the latest terrorist threat, I wanted to know what PETN was and how complicated it was a substance to produce in an effort to decide which sorts of individuals might be capable of manufacturing it, so of course I wiki’d ‘PETN’ and found that the page had already been updated.

So my thoughts now are, can anybody tell me who updates wiki and how quick would you usually expect it to be updated?

Oh, an do you think its, well, just a little strange?

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Wikipedia is updated by the masses, edited by few.

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@squirbel – Coolbeans…. Thanks for the link. How might I go about finding out which wikipedian created and updated the page?

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Hrmmmm…. No clue ._. :(

I think there is a log for every single page, I’ll go look and see.

Edit: Found it. In the upper right, you’ll see three tabs: Read | Edit | View History. View History is the item you’re looking for.

A cool feature I just discovered is that you can view any article in any of its previous forms by selecting the bullets!

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it is amazingly quick sometimes. I saw an alert about someone moderately famous dieing, went to read about them and their death was already posted.

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Quick draw magraw, it would seem that the wikipedian was better informed than the UK Prime-minister.

Wiki update October 30th 12:38 (asuming ‘’ is GMT!)
PM updated October 30th 3:30

This dude would give Farther Xmas a run for his money…......

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