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If u could have any superpower that u could only use once what would u have and in what way would u use it?

Asked by Lee_27 (348points) April 2nd, 2008
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Hmmm, I would go with the power to have everyone understand me when I spoke. I sometimes feel that I have a hard time expressing what I mean. I’d only need to use it once because after that, I’d be good to go.

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I would have the power of invisibility because I want to know what its like to be completely ignored!

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I wish I could read people’s minds so that I could help them, particularly when they won’t ask.
Or so I could tell someones intentions without having to worry about my safety, or theirs.

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I would love to fly!

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I’d like to have a super ability to “get away”... meaning evade capture, or cheat death, or simply soften my skin. Oh wait, that last one is ”take me away”.

Well, it’s my superpower, I can enjoy the juicy Calgon scents if I want.

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I owuld want to fly. It would be fun to fly around the world, but since I could only use it once, I suppose that means I couldn’t land so hopefully I could go pretty fast when I wanted to. Can I combine it with the power to stay warm as well as it could get pretty cold some places.

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I’d fly and never land so that using it once…
Trainerboy stole my answer LOL

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Ooh, use once. I missed that.

I would wish to be able to grant wishes.

:D Beat the system!

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I’d win a bunch of bar bets and pay off my student loans.

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I’d want the ability to perfectly recall anything I’ve ever read, heard or experienced.

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i think i would want to fly also, i think it would be an experience unlike any other. or to hear what [one person at a time] was thinking.

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I’d choose not to have a power
I’m quite fine with life
and would rather it stay that way

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I would want the power to turn myself into a giant nuclear bomb. Then I would blow up the whole goddamn world.

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Invisibility-to spy

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I would have the ability to crap $1,000,000,000 on every sitting, and I would take in more fiber than any one human has in history. All in one day!

Oh yeah, I would give Most of it away!

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@ bulbatron9— wow, that sounds painful.

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Man bulbatron9 that was the best answer! Loved it

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I would want to have the ability to instantly give someone inner peace or motivation.

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I get to use it once? The power to turn things into gold by touching them. Whoops, suddenly my car is 2000 pounds of gold. One use, but boy can I make it count.

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