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Why do you ask questions?

Asked by Soubresaut (12802points) November 1st, 2010

You, personally. Why do you?
What makes you want to use that funny hook-shaped symbol?

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Because inquiring minds want to know.

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If I can’t figure something out, and I’ve exhausted all possibilities that I can think of, I ask a questions.

If I am stuck on something, morally – or maybe I should be more honest; I probably know what to do, but don’t want to do it, because it might hurt someone. I thought it out there and hope, by some miracle someone has a better idea.

Because I’m a very curious person. I want to learn.

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Almost aways with me it’s curiosity, wanting to know what other people think.

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I want to know what people think about something. Or I want an answer…..Sometimes, I trust fluther more than I trust someone I know to answer one of my deep questions lol.

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I have something that I want to know.

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Questions are a vital force. Questions keep us alert and alive. Questions animate the mind. Questions lead us on to more questions, and more and more and more. Questions drive the universe.

Answers are cheap. A good question is worth the world.

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In order to find out.

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I usually ask because I want answers.Sometimes I will ask something to get other viewpoints and I welcome them all :)

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I typically like to hear others points of views (even if its not what I want to hear), especially unbiased ones.

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Because I want answers, ideas, perspectives. Commands like “don’t ask questions” are foreign to me. I question anything and everything.

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I was born curious and the best way to feed that is ask.

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Most of the time just to get into strangers minds and know what their thinking. Other times to get answers of course.

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Either to provoke discussion on a topic I find interesting or to get specific information. I don’t usually give a damn about what your favorite color is.

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If I cannot find the answer on the internet or any other source, I’ll ask. If it is a social question that requires personal opinions, I’ll ask. If someone has asked their maximum of questions for the day, or if answers on a thread get off-topic but pique my interest, I’ll ask.

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Because of an ancient gypsy curse lain upon me after a very vocal argument in a bar?

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I like to hear intelligent people speak.

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Because I am curious

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I ask questions for two reasons:

1.) to get information (after all, asking a question is the easiest and most direct way to get an answer) and
2.) to inspire thought (asking a question is a more gentle way of getting someone to think about something than telling them what to think).

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Why not? Might as well, now that i’m here.

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Your question is actually the answer to your own question.

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I agree with @Jeruba (surprise) and I’ve always wondered why a GQ is only three and a GA is five – it’s easy to “answer”.

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To get peoples’ opinions and find out information

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