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Do you close the bathroom door even if you're alone?

Asked by Frankie (4032points) November 1st, 2010

Let’s say you are completely alone in your house/apartment/whatever and there’s absolutely no chance of anyone entering your home anytime soon. And you need to use the bathroom, whether to take a shower or go potty. Do you still close the door?

Personally, I live alone with just my kitty as a roommate, and I love being able to leave the door open…especially because my bathroom is tiny, so leaving the door open makes it feel a bit more roomy.

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No, the dog won’t let me. She thinks I’m in there doing something she needs to know about or that I’m sneaking out a back door that doesn’t exist in my bathroom. If I leave the door open, she walks through once and leaves me alone.

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I never close the door, alone or not…unless some friends (besides my best friend, don’t close the door with him around either) are over.

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No, not even when I’m not alone. Both our bathrooms have fairly private access.

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I don’t close the door if I am alone, and I don’t close it when my husband is home. When we have guests I have to remember to do it, because I rarely do.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir You leave the door open when you go poopy?

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I have to. Because of the cats.

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@FutureMemory Yep, why..does it make me less sexy? :)

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I didn’t when I lived on my own. Don’t see why I would have, but now I have to since I don’t live on my own anymore.

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Never, as I think everyone should hear me sing when I am in the shower! I’m really pretty good!

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Nah, I rarely close my bathroom door. Unless I have guests. Like other posters above, my cat or dog will usually open it on me anyhow.. or scratch until I do it for them.

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Alone- no.
People in the house- maybe.
If it’s just the two of us then we usually leave it open when we go in and sometimes close it behind us when leaving. It’s taken me 40 some years to be able to pee in front of another person but I did it!

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I guess I’m in the minority. I shut the door 90–95% of the time I go to the bathroom, whether anyone is home or not

One sure way to seriously piss me off is to knock on the door when I’m in there. If someone bothers me when I’m in the bathroom the house better be on fire!

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I shut mine all the time when I go in the bathroom. It’s been a long time since I’ve lived alone and sometimes that time in the bathroom was the only alone time I got (like when my son was a toddler). Now it’s just a habit.

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@FutureMemory: Hilarious, but I agree. I especially hate when dear SO wants to relate something cute he thinks the dogs are doing right that moment as if I’d stop pooping and jump up to go see it.

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I have to because the two dogs like to visit me if I’m in there. That room is normally closed to them, even when not in use!

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Now I am curious, is it mostly the men who shut the door? And, also, those who shut the door, were you only children? Did you have use of your own bathroom when growing up? Not needing to share. I understand if you have pets or a toddler, that is a specific circumstance, but if you close the door for privacy, or because that is just what you have always done then I am curious about the habit.

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I’m female and not an only child. We all always closed the door when I was growing up for privacy, so I guess it started as a habit from that. I don’t lock the door when I’m taking a shower, so if someone needs to use the bathroom while I’m in the shower they can.

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I don’t care about the door being closed but I really want my guy to take up siting down on the potty so he won’t make a damned mess when he sleepwalks!

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@Seaofclouds Did you have male siblings?

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@JLeslie Yes, a brother 2 years younger than me.

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Yeah, never know when someone could walk in. I just always close the door when I go to the bathroom and almost always lock it. (At home I didn’t always lock it because it was my own private bathroom, but here living with 4 roommates sharing 2 bathrooms, I always lock it).

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I always close and lock the door. Even if I am up at my retirement place, and no one can get in the house.

It’s just not a spectator sport.

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One sister, 10 years younger than me. The age difference is so great I sort of consider myself an only child (that may sound bad, but it’s the truth).

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There isn’t a lock on my bathroom door. I suddenly feel bad for my guests over the last 5–6 years that I’ve lived here. Maybe they wanted to lock the door. :\

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@Seaofclouds Interesting. Since I had a sister, privacy was not an issue. I would assume having an opposite sex sibling there is a different dynamic, especially with a shared bathroom. Or, maybe it has nothing to do with anything, just hypothesizing.

@FutureMemory Are you a girl or a guy?

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Well when I’m alone? I don’t always close the door, no. But then the cat comes in and rubs against my legs and tries to jump up on me. Little booger.

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@lilmissyme My cat always jumps on my lap when I’m going to the bathroom…sometimes I stall for awhile before standing back up because its so cute! Normally he is not much of a cuddler except late at night and early in the morning, but whenever I’m in the bathroom he for some reason thinks it’s an excellent time for lap-sitting. Silly kitties :)

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I don’t close it when I’m not alone. It’s usually just me and my boyfriend here so there isn’t a need. But if there are guests or family or something, of course.

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This question has been a real eye-opener.

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There are no doors in my front yard.

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No, I don’t shut it properly but I often push it so it’s ajar and then the dog opens it to find where I’ve disappeared to.

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My wife and I do not close the door, when we are alone, nor when it is just the three of us in the house. We have an open door policy, my daughter like to come in the bathroom with us. She will come in regardless of what we are doing; pee, poop, or showering. If either of us are alone in the house, we don’t close the door either. We only close the door when there are guests here. That is unless the guest is my mother or my mother-in-law, because they have changed diapers when my wife and I were babies. The “open door policy”, is the best policy.

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Yes. To keep the goddam dog out. He seems to think that the bathroom is his private watering hole and glares at me the entire time if he gets into the bathroom when I am using it.

It makes me feel like I am crapping in his well instead of him drinking out of my toilet.

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