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Which cheese is best for a cheeseburger?

Asked by john65pennington (29192points) November 2nd, 2010

I rarely eat beef, but, when i do, i want the best cheeseburger that money can buy. Not only lean angus beef, but also the best real cheese out there. There are two choices: cheese product and real cheese. One is designed to melt perfectly for a cheeseburger. Question: Which cheese is best for a cheeseburger….....?

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Definitely the real cheese, IMO sharp cheddar, the quality of flavor beats the meltitudinous factor every time.

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Sharp cheddar. It sometimes gets a little oily, but the taste blends so perfectly with the burger that it doesn’t even matter.
Since you like buying the best meat, have you ever tried bison burgers before? You should be able to find it at your grocery store. It’s so much better than cow.

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JP: Didn’t your dad ever explain shit and shinola? Same here. The shinola is the real cheese.

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Okay, guys i have a reason for asking this question. its based on the tv show How It Works.

I only caught the tailend of one particular show. it was explaining how cheese was made. one speciality segment, was comparing different cheeses and how one cheese is designed to melt perfectly on a hamburger. i had to leave and missed the last part.

They were comparing cheese food product to real cheese and which was best for a cheeseburger. i would have selected the real cheese, but maybe the cheese food product was a better choice. still, no answer.

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Better for taste or better for melting? I think a processed cheese, like American or Velveeta would probably melt nicer but I don’t know that it would taste better.

My wife was big on Swiss cheese (with grilled onions and mushrooms) and I found that it melted nice, tasted good, and didn’t have a lot of excess separation.

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There is no one answer when it comes to cheese, because there are so many choices. It’s whatever fills your taste buds the best at that time. Swiss, feta, mozzerella, american, blue, cheddar, provolone, whatever. It should be real though. Don’t limit yourself to angus either.

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Now I want a cheeseburger after I go to the polls. Hell, I’ll deserve it!

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I’m salivating too.

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Cheddar (real, of course) is king in my book.

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Smoked gouda, although it can’t be melted completely. Or cheddar, real or fake. I also like the white american.

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You can also make “Juicy Lucies” by putting the cheese inside two hamburger patties and pinching around the edges to seal it.

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I am the odd one out, but I love a burger with American cheese. Alternate choice is provolone. The only time I like cheddar on a burger is when it is a “cowboy” burger – cheddar, bacon, onion and bbq sauce.

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I like cheddar or pepperjack.

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To me it depends what else is in the burger. If im using girkins i will want the cheap designed to melt kind, something creamy to counter the girkin a little. if instead of a girkin in using a slice or two of tomato im more likely to go with a mature chedar.

What do you like in your burgers? and what cheese do you think would go well with it? thats basically what it comes down to for me.

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Pepperjack, and not the kind the comes in an individual plastic wrapper.

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@johnpowell : Shameless plug. I always liked Tillamook, but nothing could beat Wazzu’s Cougar Cheese!

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Provolone for me. Swiss is my second choice. I love the stringiness factor of both.

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