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What's the best deal you've gotten lately?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) November 2nd, 2010 from iPhone

I love a good deal. I’m about to go bargain hunting for a new shirt and purse.

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A free Roomba that worked perfectly after I swapped out a stripped gear.

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I got 2 gumballs the other day instead of the usual one! I’ll take it!

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100 bucks worth of trousers for 6 bucks. 3 pairs of them, normally worth 38 bucks, on sale for 2 bucks each in a shop that was closing its doors permanently in 4–5 hours.

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I got to vote. It’s a priceless gift handed down and paid for by the blood of patriots for over 200 years.

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I want a Roomba!!! @hawaii_jake suck uppppppppp. Just kidding,I’m wearing my sticker, proudly!

I got a deal at Dillard’s on some clearance dishware….marked down from 30 something to 6 bucks!

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Anything from

Those Chinese sure know how to make things cheep.

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There are good deals at Good Will every day. I bought a Sears Shop Vac with attachments for $2! I went to sears and bought 2 replacement filters and I’m good to go. Now I have one for the barn and one for the garage. No need to drag it back and forth.

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A 10 pound bag of russet potatoes for 99 cents at the 99 Cent Only store. My family couldn’t possibly eat that many potatoes before they went bad, but the regular grocery stores were selling the same size bag of taters for $3.99. So I bought the bag, pulled out some for us, gave some to my next door neighbor and took some to work for the young guys who often don’t eat anything for lunch (I suspect because of lack of money) they were thrilled.

You can also get a bag of 2 or 3 large yellow onions and a huge bag of radishes (the equivalent of 5 or 6 bunches) and a big bag of green onions (about 5 bunches) for 99 cents there. They also have individual sized deep dish Tony’s pizzas there for 99 cents each. Those are great if you have teenagers, and they taste really good.

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I got a pair of “skinny” jeans that retails at Saks for $200 and 2 cashmere sweaters all for ~ $2.50 (@ $1.69/lb.) at the Goodwill warehouse store in Queens. The pricer had had no idea they were designer jeans. Or didn’t care.

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I love the 99 Cents Only store. You can always find good stuff there.

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Picked up a decent leather jacket in a second hand store for £3. It needed a new zip, which I got replaced for £20. Even at £23 that was one of the best bargains I’ve ever got.

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A tax deductible for items no longer needed that were donated to a charitable cause.

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Several free miniature candy bars taken from the bags of trick-or-treaters too young to know how the process is supposed to work. Jeez—it was like taking candy from babies.

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We just got a brand new camera free. After using the former one for a full two years, it broke just before the warranty ran out – imagine that. We sent it back, and received a brand new one in the mail yesterday.

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An Oasis water cooler that cost $250 . . . for $75, with one jug!

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Ebay. A seller accepted my offer of $1.25 for each dessert plate and cup/saucer set they had in a china pattern I’ve been hunting. Wee hee!

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I myself just scored a 19” Philips flat screen for $89 at Big Lots. One teeny megapixel was green, can’t see it except when the screen is black. Got to be at the right place, right time.

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