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What is a good website to download good quality songs from?

Asked by t3qn0loqiiic (57points) November 2nd, 2010

limewire and frostwire dont work anymore on my computer.
And on my friends’ computers too- no idea why.
So i now have to download songs using Internet Explorer.
All i need is a website to download high quality songs- for free :P
and all the songs are english.
So help.
Thankss :)

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1. Go to youtube
2. Find a video of the song you want
3. Copy/paste the URL into this site.
4. Download song
5. ?????

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limewire doesn’t work because there is a court-ordered injunction to stop them from distributing and supporting its file-sharing software.

If you want free legal music and aren’t afraid to experiment a bit netlabels are good source of stuff.

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Its not quite downloading, but I recommended grooveshark . Its free and you can build playlists right down to the song and if you create an account your play list will follow you.

The days of P2P are dead.. I wouldn’t want to risk using any of those tools they are all being monitored.

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or Beemp3, as @erichw1504 suggested but their search function really sucks

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1. Put on a heavy jacket.
2. Get in your car.
3. Go to a local music store.
4. Grab a CD.
5. Stealthily remove magnetic security tag.
6. Stuff the CD in your jacket and walk out.
7. ?????

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@Blueroses I agree! But they have pretty much every song.

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Although it’s a paid service, I’ve always been a fan of the 7digital music store. They’ve got great prices (often $0.77 per song) and the song quality is awesome. Check them out here. They exist mostly to serve the open source media player Songbird, but I think you can buy and download music without it too.

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Jamendo is really good, with very loose license terms, though I suppose you’re looking to download popular music that’s normally not available for free…

@camertron They also power the Ubuntu One music store, so yeah, you can buy music without Songbird :)

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard ‘s suggestion is really my favorite way to get obscure songs but the quality is sometimes “iffy”.

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@Blueroses, exactly. I’ve gotten tons of songs that would be otherwise impossible to get (even via CDs) but I’ve never had a quality issue.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard It’s a brilliant and easy solution (anything on YouTube is now mine!) My issue has been an occasional volume drop when I add the file to a playlist. It sounds ok but I have to crank it way up to hear which is startling, to say the least, when the next track comes up.

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soulseek I like but it seems to be having some problems just now.

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