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Non-Americans: What do you think about America?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12680points) November 2nd, 2010

What is your opinion of America? Do you think that it is a country that you would like to visit? Why/Why Not? I am American, and I want to know your opinions of us.

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Loud, brash, bullish, enormous & all the better for it. I want to go, but it’s one hell of a flight…......i’m not a good flier :¬(

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I have visited, I love New York, I’ve also been to the Appalachian mountains (West Virginia). I’d also love to see Chicago and San Fransisco. But the rise of power of the religious right wing just terrifies me.

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(While it’s not the same question, there are some interesting and relevant answers here.)

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@PhiNotPi Define more what you mean by “America” and I’ll tell you what I think of it.

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i think it is the most hated country in the world. As far as empires go, and i hate them all, it is historically the most dangerous, with the capacity to terrorize and traumatize it’s ideological enemies at will with almost total impunity, and zero sympathy.

It disgracefully justifies it’s global bullying and insatiable demand for resources both natural and human, to fulfill it’s gluttonous appetite, it’s addictions and it’s fetishistic requirements, by proclaiming to advance universal Democracy. Unless of course a so called Democracy actually votes in a socialist government, then the tactics switch and every sinister force available is mobilised to undermine and punish the errant Democratic popular choice…whereupon an American backed coup attempts to install a fascist puppet and his murdering, raping, torturing gang of thugs, as the preferred alternative, one who is far more amenable to US economic demands.

It has a Christian fundamentalist movement that is disturbing, it is unrecognizable as Christianity, it gained credence merely as a means of fermenting public opinion and galvanising support for its maniacal crusade against Communism and Atheism. It is a hindrance to political and social advancement, it is dumb and bigoted.

America punishes it’s own citizens with interminable prison sentences, not to mention Capital Punishment, i’m not sure which is worse, and the number of incarcerations are staggering.

Gun lovers, well to most people that’s just plain weird, love each other, not guns. Peace man V

i could go on and on….

i don’t believe the American populace are evil, but the majority are ignorant and ignorance is a species of evil, ignorance is a sin. But i have hope and i believe things will change, things have to change.

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I want to come to Arizona & New England to visit & sample your steak & eggs for breakfast ;-)

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As for my general feeling with the country, I’ll use a euphemism: unpleasant. I very much hope that the image that is being displayed in Dutch media is inaccurate (your politics, and half of the electorate, is insane if it isn’t), but until then, I’m going to use it to make myself believe it’s not so bad in the Netherlands.

But I do would like to visit, just because it’s (supposedly) so different. Sometime.

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From what I have seen I LOVE it and I think the American people are some of the most polite and friendly I have ever met. So far I have been to Orlando, LA, San Francisco, Reno, Lake Tahoe and Vegas and I plan to see as much of America whilst I am alive as possible.

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Mostly Harmless

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I am australian and have lived in america since early 2000’s- the west coast- I love it- it’s very liberal and free and the slang is just hilarious. People seem to be very driven. I don’t like the wierd religious thing, scary sort of. It’s alot of fun. And the stuff you can buy! I brought my daughter over too she’s in high school says it’s way more intense about doing well and getting into college- she can’t believe kids her age even think about that

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The key issue with describing ones experiences with the US is dividing the people and culture from the politics.

American politics is open to alot of scrutiny. With odd politicians propagating bizarre ideologies, over-zealous military actions and an ostensible disregard for global diplomacy. Alongside this is the religious tendencies of the US population, which, as far as i’ve experienced, aren’t particularly negative but are curious to witness for me personally having come from a society which places significantly less value on such matters.

Conversely, the American people and culture are wonderfully inviting. Most are friendly and polite, sometimes rather loud but frequently in more of a hearty, boisterous manner than a disrespectful one. And though i’m aware the world doesn’t quite deem American food to be gourmet, I personally adore it. I love the simplicity of small meals such as hotdogs, cheeseburgers or grilled meats in general (I may also maintain a borderline erotic relationship with Hersheys chocolate).

It should be noted that when discussing such matters generalisations, both negative and positive, shall be made, and that my perspectives are merely based upon my typical experiences with and understanding of the US.

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Aw, c’mon, @mammal , don’t be shy!

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I lived in the United States for a while and I liked it. I liked the vastness and the variety of the country, the (mostly) great weather and the people. I lived in the south and I didn’t like the black white divide, for example there are great beaches in Alabama but you very rarely see a coloured person there. I liked the shops and the service and mostly I felt at home in the country.

I didn’t like the obsession with the motor car and the way public transport use is frowned upon and the difficulties you have in cycling or walking anywhere. I was taken aback a few times by the lack of awareness Americans have of other countries and cultures which is surprising in a country so influential in the world. If they had more understanding I am sure they would use diplomacy more and rely less on military force in dealing with international affairs.

Americans are nice friendly decent people but I was bewildered by their religious views which seemed to me unchristian, extreme and deeply held. Their politics is also extremely right wing compared to where I am from. Just about every American is of Scottish or Irish descent however so differences are forgiven. They will see the light eventually.

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As one of the loud Americans (and I really am loud, even for a Yank), I’d love to know where you guys are from. This is a fascinating thread!

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A place where people are encouraged to think big.

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@JilltheTooth I’m from the south of England

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North East of England :-/

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@JilltheTooth I was raised in central England but currently live in North East Scotland :)

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Lotsa Brits, here. I’m glad you guys like us. :-)

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This is why I love America :-/
Besides steak & eggs!……….

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You mean because our military is trained as ..well.. military? ;-)

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Ermm no, just the M82-A1A, 50, cal… I want me one of those!! Lol….. so your military is trained? Fascinating…..

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That’s why God may YouTube…to train Marines!

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Halleluiah, amen, god loves marines! :-/

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Hmm, I’ve been overly negative I see, of course there are great things about America, the greatest being this.

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@Vincentt : I don’t know how the OP felt about your first post, but I’m interested in the negative as well as the positive. Most of us, here, get that we’re often not liked by the rest of the world. I’ve traveled and seen how it swings, and although I’m sometimes taken aback by the treatment I’ve gotten, I’ve never been personally offended.

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@JilltheTooth I know, but I did want to display my real opinion, which doesn’t just consist of disliking the US :)

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I’m American. This is my theory, so please excuse me if you think that I’m nuts, but I think that one of our biggest problems is the sheer size of our country. I know that we share North America with Canada and are close to Central America (Mexico), but for the most part many of us can spend our entire lives without coming into contact with someone from another country. It doesn’t excuse us, but until recently with the globalization of the world we could ignore other cultures. I think that because of this we were able to spread out, take over this country from the Amerinds, and now we have an expanding “waistline.”

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@mammal.. Well, the question did require a truthful answer.. so what country are you from and how does it compare to America in your opinion?

@HungryGuy.. Don’t bet the farm on that statement.. even some of us (Americans) are apprehensive when it comes to our military complex especially when in tandum with the political system).

@mattbrowne.. Most all countries choose to think big (but beware of such wishes as capitalism could creep in with hardly any warning) so, how about being a bit more personal as to where your hat hangs.

@JilltheTooth & all who responded.. Yes, it IS facinating, isn’t it.

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