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Does anyone else think Al Sharpton helps keep racial tensions high? Why or why not?

Asked by SelfConsumingCannibal_IsBack (93points) November 2nd, 2010

I do. I think he’s a bigot and a racist and all he does is stir up trouble and he just looks for a reason to yell discrimination, even when there’s obviously not. What are your thought on this?

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He’s old news. Everyone by now knows he’s an opportunist.

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he made a statement the other day saying Supreme Court Justice Thomas was the wrong black man to get the job. Pretty much says it all.

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@woodcutter Says what all? That Thomas never should have been on the Court? That’s pretty much the case unless you’re a rabid conservative trying to make a political point. Now that’s racist.

I agree with @aprilsimnel. Sharpton is an opportunist. He likes the limelight. He feels he is championing the cause of poor African-Americans. Maybe he is and maybe he isn’t. But you can’t blame him for heightened racial tensions. Those are already there, seething beneath the surface, ready to burst out at any time.

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@wundayatta “pretty much says it ALL” means that he is suggesting that ANY black man in power is obligated to be a liberal. It’s easy to see that when you consider the source.The color of the skin shouldn’t pigeon hole anyone in any particular ideology. THAT would be racist. And when a rabid leftist extremist calls anyone who doesn’t subscribe to their point of view exactly a fascist, it’s called being intolerant. word.

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