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Who dresses Dr J?

Asked by JilltheTooth (19757points) November 2nd, 2010

I was just wondering which one of our Tech Gods is in charge of his wardrobe. Who are you? I must know!

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If there’s a vacancy, can I apply for the job? I’ve always fancied being a jellyfish’s dresser!

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Hey @JilltheTooth! Thanks for asking about Dr J’s wardrobe. His outfits are created by whoever has a good idea. The past two Halloweens Dr. J was dressed by Fluther’s original designer, David Cole. His SF Giants hat and Sherlock getup (search page) were designed by me.

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I love it and hope to see more! Good job, @camertron !

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@camertron I’m assuming you are a Giants fan? Good job! I’m looking forward to his Thanksgiving and other holiday outfits.

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@chyna : The Giants won. I think it’s a tribute.

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@chyna well, not a huge fan, but I did enjoy watching the world series! Fluther is based in SF so I live here now, and my roommate is a lifelong fan. We just thought it would be nice to show our support for the city we call home. @JilltheTooth is right – it’s a tribute and a cry of congratulations. Sorry Texas fans!

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I feel like he should play dress-up more often. A Jedi Jelly would be pretty wicked.
HINT HINT POKE POKE, @camertron!

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He sure is cute with that hat.

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Ooo @rangerr – that’s not a bad suggestion! We’d have to pick an appropriate day, tho. Any Star Wars milestones or special days coming up?

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@camertron The anniversary of the too-terrible-to-hate Holiday Special is on the 17th.. but no BIG milestones are until spring :(

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Dr J needs some sticky jelly to eat :)

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can we give him a turkey leg for thanksgiving?
btw, I totally knew you were the one designing, Cam! (he has your name written all over him)

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Ooh, @Carly , yeah! Dr J pilgrim with a turkey leg!

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@rangerr well, let’s see what we can do in the spring then! Let me know when the big days are imminently approaching…

@Carly interesting suggestion – I’m not sure his tentacles really lend themselves well to turkey legs, but we could totally do something Thanksgiving related. Maybe his face could be covered in crumbs and he could be holding a wishbone in one tentacle…

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This is too much fun

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Ask my momma about the Santa hat she’d put on our school’s mascot every Christmas newsletter…

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I could see a whole bunch of turkey feathers sticking up behind him.

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His mom!

this would have been better had it been first or close to first

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That’s OK, @mrentropy , it’s still cute.

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Wait, that Jellyfish by the left hand side of the page next to Fluther is named Dr. J? I didn’t know that.

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@camertron i agree with the wishbone. :)

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Hey, November 30 is Saint Andrews Day! That has to mean something here!

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@JilltheTooth ooh yes, we’ll have to make Andrew some guacamole on the 30th. Party!
@Carly wishbone ftw

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