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What do you do with your outdated technology?

Asked by perg (2624points) November 2nd, 2010

I was just searching for something in my desk and came up with this neat little retracting modem cable (something of this ilk). I recall I have several of these floating around, but I haven’t used them since wireless access became so widespread.

I have never been one to rush out and buy the latest technology, but over time, I’ve acquired three personal laptops, two desktop computers, at least four cellphones and one PDA. I still have them all, as well as the owners’ manuals and peripheral gear such as docking stations, power adapters and modem cords.

In the case of the laptops, I’m thinking I’ll make some kind of display of journalistic tools (along with my antiquated typewriters and “portable” recorders of varying quaintness).

What do you do with your technological equipment when you trade up? Keep it as a memento or out of laziness? Donate it somewhere? Turn it into clever home decor?

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tear it up for parts.

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It depends on the item. I save all the cables and cords in case I should ever need them in the future. When I got a new desktop computer, I gave my old one to my son. Most of the time, we don’t replace/upgrade an item until the one we had is pretty much dead. Old cell phones get donated for soldiers or women’s shelters (depending on which one I come across first).

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I donate all my old crap to FreeGeek.

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When I don’t use things I usually give it away or just donate it to goodwill.

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Thank you for asking this question. I asked about disposing computers awhile back, but there is other electronic equipment hanging around that needs to go away. I’ll appreciate reading every recommendation on this post.

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I’m a hoarder and keep it all. Who knows when my old VCR’s will come in handy again. Or my Super Nintendo.
Hey everyone with a soul is always up for a little Super Mario World every now and then.

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@Symbeline you really gotta upgrade to N64. That system is da bomb!

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My stuff is all in the basement. That’s what big basements are for. Right?

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@woodcutter I’m fine with my DS. :p

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@worriedguy No, that’s what big ATTICS are for.

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Nintendo’s handheld, Dual Screen. Mine is DSlite, but they got like four different versions of it.

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@Symbeline sorry that gadget went right by me or the other way round. It’s old tech?

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It’s modern right now, soon to be replaced with the 3DS…yet another upgrade of the original. XD
It’s called dual screen cuz it has two screens; one you can touch, and do things like control a character, select options or whatever, with the help of the Stylus, a pen looking thing that comes with the handheld.

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It depends.

My 13-year-old cousin got my netbook and iPod Touch, and a few buddies of mine got a new-to-them computer as I’ve upgraded over the years. I have an old cellphone that I use as a bedside alarm clock. My PS2 is still in use; I love Gran Turismo 4, TOCA 3, and Disgaea 2 too much to upgrade even if I could afford a PS3.

Keep it, gift it, sell it, rape it for parts… so many things to do with old stuff.

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I recycle mine. It’s a pain in the ass to do, but you get your house clean and you can feel virtuous doing it.

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I have kept all my cell phones. One day, when my (future) son/daughter grows up, I will show them what cell phones were like when I grew up.

With most other gadgets, I will either sell them or donate them.

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Old cell phones are given to a friend who collects them for a charity. They are reprogrammed to only dial 911 and are given to women in need.

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