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Why is it that whenever I eat at McDumb or Burger King, the "food" makes me nauseous? Anyone else experiencing this?

Asked by ragingloli (41615points) November 2nd, 2010

I think my stomach knows that the “food” there is poisonous.

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I don’t get nauseous per se but I do always feel like serious shit afterwards. It’s very unpleasant.

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Probably because it’s full of fat, sodium and chemical preservatives.

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You may find this documentary interesting.

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I usually do not eat there, only when my classmate goes, I accompany him and then I just get one, too.
It does not even taste like anything.
I normally get my lunch from the local butcher, which tastes a hell of a lot better.

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Congratulations! You’re on the road to eating healthy! The smell of those restaurants alone makes me nauseous.

If I’m wrong and you’ve been eating there all along, it’s better to stop. :(

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Also, my first time there, I had what they called “cheese”, and having eaten a lot of cheese in my time, I can tell you, that was no cheese. At all.

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Maybe it was the rat hair in the meat. The FDA allows it, you know. Or a maggot; they allow those too.

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I eat those regularly. They have never made me sick.

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It’s probably because the food is heavily processed and loaded with fat, sodium, sugar, and chemicals. A huge dose of all of those at once is apt to make anyone feel kind of gross.

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I feel strange after eating it, too. I stopped eating it, as well as microwave food, and when I eat those things occasionally I think our body rejects it because it’s used to real food. Some people have the opposite effect when they only eat crappy food, then eat regular food like baked chicken or fruit and vegetables.

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While I don’t get nauseous, I make sure I don’t go too far from a bathroom after I eat there. And there must be enough toilet paper nearby if you get my drift. Oddly, this doesn’t happen with the breakfast food. In any case, it’s just another reason to not eat there.

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Your stomach is right.
But the real issue is, given your statement why do you keep eating there?

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I think its because they contain too much fat. For an extra 50p on top of the cost of a Big Mac meal I can go to my local pub and get a proper home made burger with thick cut chips and a pint of beer to go with it. Guess which one I like best?

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I get a little queasy at McDonald’s: just thinking about all that grease, all that unhealthy crap that they just dump into the food; the fries aren’t even natural for Pete’s sake! If anyone doesn’t like my reply, then don’t comment, but I just think that… Stuff, I don’t know if it’s even food… Is it?

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