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What can I make with 5 ham steaks and a crock pot?

Asked by Aethelwine (42961points) November 2nd, 2010

We are without an oven at the moment and I’m running out of dinner ideas. I have 5 ham steaks, a large electric skillet and a crock pot.

Any dinner suggestions? I’m going to the store tonight and plan on cooking the ham steaks tomorrow. Thanks!

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Buy ingredients for various dried pea and bean soups. Eat some ham for dinner tomorrow and then make soup…day after day.

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Chop up the ham, get some chopped vegetables and cook them in the skillet with scrambled eggs.

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A very large “ham grenade”?


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Me salivate, yummy! :¬)

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Cut up: Ham, onions, carrots, garlic, celery, rosemary, oregano, add: salt, pepper, three cups of broth, cook on low for four hours.

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Crock pot scalloped potatos with ham. There are several recipes available on line to choose from.

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Since I didn’t give a real answer the first time, I’m going with @WestRiverrat‘s scalloped potatoes and ham. I love scalloped potatoes and ham and it’s a great, warm, comfort food dish on cool fall night. I might even pick some up at the grocery store on my way home from voting, which I really need to do RIGHT NOW!, before I get distracted with all this fluthering.

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Potato and ham chowder.

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Sear the ham steaks in the electric skillet and put aside under a plate or bowl to keep warm. Make a few huge omelets in the skillet and then instant mix pancakes. Breakfast at dinner is delicious.

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Ham Bean Soup
Cut one ham steak into cubes, put it in the crock pot with 1 chopped onion, 3 peeled chopped carrots, 1 stalk of celery, 1lb of white northern beans, ½ tsp pepper. Fill with water, turn it on high.

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@GeorgeGee I almost went with a similar one – I love ham/bean soup.

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@GeorgeGee That bean soup sounds good too. But it needs to sit in the pot a couple days for the flavors to all meld.

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My mouth water. Mmmm…

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@George Gee; What size crock pot do you use? I have great difficulty getting the proportions of solids to liquids accurate in my 3.5 Kalorik (which I am beginning to hate). The recipes that come with the pot require lots of prep and usually meat, generating other pans to wash and grease.

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The ham steaks are put on hold until tomorrow, but thank you everyone. You have given me some great ideas. I’m torn between soup and eggs. With the amount of ham I have, I can do both!

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I usually use a 6 quart pot but a 3.5 quart pot is fine for a smaller batch. For that I’d use 1 medium onion, 5/8 lb (a little more than half of a 1lb bag) of white beans, 2 carrots, 1 medium stalk of celery, 1½ to 2 cups of cubed ham and a few shakes of pepper. It’s a pretty forgiving recipe, it doesn’t need to be exact.

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Thanks. I have trouble figuring our the correct amount of liquid. The slow cooker I have seems to cook too fast even on low and the liquid boils over if I don’t watch the pot. That defeats the purpose; I could make the soup in a Dutch oven if I have to hover.

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