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Who will hire someone with a beard?

Asked by killerkadoogen (426points) November 2nd, 2010

I am looking for another job or just a better paying one. I have been growing a beard for 8 months and I am not about to cut it off. I wouldn’t say I look scary or homeless. Anyone have idea where i have better chances of being hired?

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Unless you directly face customers, or you just present yourself like a slob, most employers don’t care about your physical appearance. They care about your ability to do the job.

It’s far more likely that your beard has nothing to do with your lack of job-hunting success. Consider other factors, like your qualifications, how you present yourself, your people skills, your references, your salary requirements, etc.

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i would hire someone with a beard. I think that would be awesome if the requirement for men at a store would be to have a beastly beard.

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You didn’t list your skills, but with certainty you could be a lumberjack, Santa at the mall (wouldn’t be better paying but possibly rewarding), probably most jobs anywhere in the states along the western Canadian border and Alaska, and of course, there’s always self-employed.

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I wouldn’t say I haven’t gotten jobs because of the beard but people have told me I’m not gonna get hired unless I shave which can be discouraging.

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Woodsman? Landscaper?

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Truck driver
Auto mechanic
Pro wrestler
Cult leader

If I were an employer I wouldn’t care one bit about someone’s appearance as long as they remained clean.

I have long hair and a beard. I won’t cut/shave for anyone.

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@killerkadoogen unless those “people” are the bosses or HR managers you’re interviewing with, their opinions are meaningless. They’re probably just trying to make you feel better about why you’re not getting a job.

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(I have a goatee and mustache and a shaved head, and have been employed at my current job (at a large multinational banking corporation) for over 5 years now)

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I think it really depends on how well groomed it is. If you look like Grizzly Adams, don’t expect much.

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I don’t know of any company that would have any sort of “beard” policy. Some people might have personal prejudices about though. If it’s neat, trimmed and well groomed I don’t see what problem it would pose. The only kind of job I can think of where a beard might cause some difficulty would be if it made you unable to wear OSHA required safety equipment like a respirator. You might either not be able to keep the beard or might have keep it trimmed to a size and length where you could wear the respirator or mask or whatever according to OSHA standards for that device.

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The Grateful Dead?

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@lillycoyote Disney has a facial hair policy. Walt Disney World cast members aren’t allowed to have beards. They weren’t allowed to have mustaches until very recently either.

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The New York Yankees have a beard policy too. Or at least, they did when George M. Steinbrenner was around. Not sure if it’s still in effect now that his sons are in control.

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Well, you can’t work as a line-cook unless you wear a “chin net” otherwise, keep it neat and it shouldn’t matter.
“He that hath a beard is more than a youth, and he that hath no beard is less than a man.”
~Much Ado about Nothing.

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if you can play baseball, you can get hired by the WORLD SERIES WINNING SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS!!! FEAR THE BEARD!!!

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@MrItty I don’t like being wrong! ;-)

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Fidel Castro

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Osama Bin Laden? no don’t do it. Trim it off, get the job, then let it grow back is what I would do.

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If you want to get into video game development, the company Double Fine is always looking to hire. Their slogan is, “The World’s most talented and bearded video game development team.” Seriously, google Double Fine & the first hit will have that written next to it.

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The NFL will, if you’re a hell of a linebacker.

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zz top?

beards are fuckin awesome :)

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Christmas is coming, you could be Santa at the mall

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I was going to say the San Francisco Giants but @zenvelo beat me to it.

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I think most places are fine with well groomed facial hair. Ultra-conservative businesses seem to be the only ones that outright forbid it. Maybe a few places that have safety issues, too.

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