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Did your vote or team win today?

Asked by Cruiser (40401points) November 2nd, 2010

Yes or no. Are you happy, pissed, optimistic or pessimistic for the next 2 years?? What are you hoping happens most?? Care to share?

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My team lost. But it was what I wanted. Now the “party of NO” is in power. You guys own shit now. Fix everything or you will have a target on your back in 2012.

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I have voted for both parties in my life.
I tend to vote against the party that acts as if it believes that it’s shit does not stink.
This time around, I think it is obvious whom I voted against.
So I feel good that I did what I consider to be my civic duty, which is get rid of conceited assholes, no matter what their party affiliation is.
We will see what the next group of idiots tries to do to screw up my life, and if they are too cocky about it.
Then it will be 2012.

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I always vote against the incumbent. I’m tired of old “I sit at the cool kids’ table” politics. Represent the people by getting the people in there and keeping it fresh.

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Slow deep breaths @johnpowell….2 years goes by fast!! Trust me! ;)

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No. Hell no! My team didn’t win. I’m pissed off, I’m going to bed with my book and whine wine…

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A Chablis and an extra pillow for @AmWiser!

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I nailed all but two here in Massachusetts. Of course, that’s not too tough. Just vote straight Democratic across the board. I didn’t. I voted for the Republican for State Auditor. My thinking was a Republican Auditor would watch the Democratic majority here like a hawk. Sadly, not so many other voters here agreed. I also voted to leave the sales tax in place on beer, wine and spirits. But I lost that one too.

On the national scene, my hopes have been pretty much dashed. It gives me great concern for the next two years. We will see how much damage divided, grid-lock government does. It will be an interesting test of whether America is governed best when it isn’t much governed at all.

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My party gained ground, but has few major wins. That’s the way we’ve been going since the Libertarian Party’s inception .. gain a bit of ground every election.

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Waiting for more results. Just glad that Paladino didn’t win the governorship in New York, even though I don’t live in New York…

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We should all pay more attention to our local government officials… District judges, School Board, Sheriff, County commissioners…... than we do. They are the ones who really effect our daily lives, but they have small budgets and most of us go into the polls having no idea who the hell the candidates are.

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Lost a lot nationally, but I still have hopes for the local elections.
Not doing anything isn’t going to fix the problems this country has. I am worried about that.

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