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Can you increase the volume of the MacBook Pro?

Asked by Cooldil17 (485points) April 2nd, 2008

I have the MacBook Pro and I wanted to know if there was a way to increase the sound besides obviously turning up the volume by the switch. It just seems really really low sound quality. If someone knows how weather it be a program or w/e please tell me!

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Well I have an older iBook G4 and everyonce in a while the sound will automatically adjust itself to only play out of either the left or right speaker, which decreases the volume and makes the sound quality horrible. I have to go into the sound settings and change it back. Im sure Apple has fixed this bug by now but it might help you in this situation. Just food for thought…

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It’s really annoying, I agree—it’s a Mac OS controlled thing…probably to prolong battery life. I know this because when I switch to Windows XP in boot camp, the sound becomes considerably louder. Wish I could help ya buddy

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hook up some external speakers [;

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Install SRS iWow software – it contains a number of pre-sets that allow the shape of the sound produced by iTunes (for example) to sound louder on the laptop’s speakers. Think of it as a clever ‘loudness’ button on an old style amplifier.

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I have yet to see a small laptop with good sound: the speakers are sacrificed for the reduction in overall size. Listen to ishotthesheriff – add good external speakers or get a good pair of headphones.

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What are you wanting to turn up? If you use iTunes you can use the equalizer (View -> Show Equalizer). It has a pre-amp that you can use to increase the volume. Don’t increase it too much or you will start to blow out your speakers. But this will only work in iTunes.

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I had this issue mostly with QuickTime movies. Here’s what I did, but I am not sure if it’s a basic feature of QuickTime or part of QuickTime Pro:

- Open the movie
– Go to: Menu -> Window -> Show Movie Properties
– Click to highlight the sound track
– Click the ‘Audi Settings’ tab
– Increase the volume

Downside is you need to do this for every movie file, but it does work well enough. I’ve never had an issue with iTunes volume, but the suggestion above about the equalizer should do the trick – there’s a master gain slider which should increase the volume.

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I use a program called Hear that works very well for fine tuning and enhancement

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I found 3 options on my macbook pro. I’ve got Snow Leopard

1. just like b said, change the equalizer. in iTunes on Snow Leopard it’s Window -> show Equalizer or (control + Apple + 2). This option adds 12 decibels.

2. In iTunes, go to “preferences”, then “playback”, then un-check “Sound Check”. This gave me a few more decibels louder. Obviously if you are listening to different songs in iTunes and they are recorded at different levels, then there could be significant volume differences when you un-check this box, but it can increase your volume.

3. Once again, in iTunes, highlight a song, press apple+i to show the song’s information, than go to “options” and there is a volume adjustment you can make from -100% to +100%. This option would be annoying and probably not a great idea to do to all your songs, but if you’re only working with few songs it could be helpful.

(by the way, I’m not responsible for anybody who blows their speakers using these ideas, I’m currently trying them so I can hear my computer in my kitchen, we’ll see how it goes!)

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I think what you are looking for is Audio Hijack. You can set up volume settings for any app you want on Mac OS X.

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I had a similar problem with my mac for some years but recently I found Boom. It’s an excellent volume booster for Mac. Simply love it! The feature I like the most is you can boost your music file and save it in that format to use it in your iTunes, much more useful. Don’t have to go around adjusting the volume for each song!

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