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Do you have a really fun, great song to share that gets you up and dancing ?

Asked by Trillian (21116points) November 2nd, 2010

My daughter sent me a link that I would never have looked up on my own. I also would not have watched it had she just told me the artist due to old associations. I just clicked and watched. It was the most awesome song I’ve heard and coolest video I’ve seen in years. I enjoy this so much that when I watch it, I always wish I had someone to share it with. Then I remembered the collective under the sea. Check it out.
Do you have an outsanding song to share? Maybe we can compile them for a holiday CD/DVD.

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One of my favorites has been, and always will be, Daft Punk’s Voyager

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Katrina and the Waves….........

Walking On Sunshine.

If you do not get your grove on with this song, you need medical attention. john

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Neutron Dance by the Pointer Sisters don’t boo me, my daughters had it always gets my toes tappin’ as well as so many late 60’s early 70’s music.

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Did I make it clear that I wanted you to click my link? The band is Hanson, for those of you who remember “mmm bop”, and this is such a far cry from it that if you didn’t know it was Hanson, you wouldn’t know it was Hanson. Click people, click! I want someone to tell me if seeing this makes them even a litte bit as happy as it makes me. It really is that uplifting and fun! And I want your links too. Just telling me it’s great doesn’t count!

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I still don’t know how to link! I vaguely remember hearing the name Hanson, but that video is very like one from the original Blues Brothers and I like them both. The songs at the end of that movie were old time feel good songs.

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This Yellow Magic Orchestra song. (Don’t

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Anything from MSTRKFRT, Daft Punk, Justice, or Lotus as well as many others.

Ill post some links later when I have time.
too busy with my radio show right now :P

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@faye yes, they were giving the nod to the Blues Brothers, definitely, though I had forgotten the song at the end of that movie until you reminded me. Thank you for watching. I really enjoyed it and hope others will get as much enjoyment from it as I have. I generally don’t make this much of an issue, I just really liked it.

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Anything by Roxy Music

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Good looking boy on the keyboard, too. Wham gave me my big smile tonight.

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@Deja_vu I recognizd Ryuchi Sakamoto. I’ve always liked his work, he’s so Avant Garde. They remind me a little bit of Kreftwerk and Jean Michel Jarre. Thanks, that was awesome.

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@Trillian Thanks, I like some of work with David Sylvian and This one

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That movie was the first tme I ever saw him. I watched it because David Bowie was in it. he movie was kind of a disappointment, but when I saw hi I said: “Lord, who’s that?” He was incredibly beautiful. The planes and angles of his face, the color of his skin. I always said he looked carved from teak, like an Egptian Pharoah. Watcing him perform is almost an OOB exprience. He’s a true virtuoso.

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Is that Hanson??? Holy crap! That was not a bad song! I quite liked it!

I have been listening to Animal by Neon Trees a lot lately. It gets me going in all kinds of ways. I just love it!

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I Can’t Dance by Genesis. “The only thing about me is the way that I walk.”

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I love Michelle Shocked

“My Little Sister”

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The intro from Nighmare Before Christmas
Everyone says this is weird but I find it fun

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Okay, i watched the video and i listened to the music. the video does get your motor running, but i am trying to understand “what he is thinkin’ about”? the video appears to be a copycat version of the Blues Brothers. on a scale of 1 to 10, i would rate this video and song a 7.

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Hehehehe. @john65pennington, you’re ok. @KatawaGrey‘s selection was really upbeat, nice. @judochop,uh…I saw the bat and immeditely woried about the car. ;-) I avent heard from Michelle Shocked in forever. I don’t know what to say to @Christian95. Ummmm, happy Halloween?
Thanks people.

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Funny farm! I don’t dance to it but I sing it.

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My all time favourite happysong is Don’t Stop Me Now

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I played this for my six week old daughter and she started laughing for the first time when she it.

Frankie Smith—Double Dutch Bus

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