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What happened on the worst date you've ever been on?

Asked by awomanscorned (11261points) November 3rd, 2010 from iPhone

Unfortunately, I can think of many….

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It’s probably not the worst, but it certainly was the most uncomfortable. A co-worker fixed me up with his roommate. The guy showed up at the apt. and asked if he could use the bathroom. When he finally came out, a very potent odor followed him. He took us to see the movie Brazil. The gas passed was silent but lethal. I just felt so bad for him; he kept squirming in his seat and excusing himself every so often. Every time I see something regarding Brazil, I think of Fartin’ Martin.

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Loll…. picked her up and arrived at one of the most famous restaurants in the World, Rendezvous in Memphis, and from the “get-go” she bitched about everything….nothing made her happy, the great food, the wonderful atmosphere, etc. After eating the meal that only included me talking and her adding nothing to the conversation, took her home. She slammed the door as she got out…. this was our first date and last.

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The cops showed up and questioned the guy I was with then sent him on his way. They would not let me get back in the car with him so they drove me home. The officer was nice enough to let me out a couple of houses down and drive around the block to make sure I got in so my dad wouldn’t see me being dropped off by the police. I never saw the guy again and the cops never had to drive me home again.

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@BoBo1946 How in the world did you get into a date situation with Grumpy Girl?
@SuperMouse Spill the beans. What did the guy do to garner the attention of the police?

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@Pied_Pfeffer it wasn’t anything he did, they just noticed because we were parked at an “Inspiration Point” type place and shall we say… loitering.

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the guy i went to dinner with had accidently cut his face shaving before we went out, and his cut reopened during our meal. the blood dripped into his food and on the table, and i was too nervous to say anything for the first ten or so minutes while this was happening. when i finally mentioned it, he left me at the table to look for a first aid kit or something because the cut would not stop bleeding—he came back with a napkin on his face, stuck on with electrical tape. good times.

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I was 15 or 16, on a double date with my good friend. The a**hole I was hooked up with wasn’t happy that I didn’t want to fool around with him (I just met the dick), so he made my friend and I ride in the back of his truck when he took us home. He intentionally stopped very hard at each stop light or stop sign, and my friend and I were thrown about the back of the truck each time he did that. We ended up with so many bruises on our arms and legs. He ended up dropping us off at a 7/11, 15 miles from our home. I had to call my dad to pick us up. jerk

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@Pied_Pfeffer A “friend !” loll…. Must have made him mad about something!

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I was fifteen she sixteen. We were having a slow smoochy dance, this date was at a party at a friends house. My “fun sized mars bar” protuding outward, as it just happened to be, prodded her in the groin….several times. She smacked the gormless self satisfied puppy dog grin right off my face. Date over! Stiffy’s can be more trouble than they’re worth sometimes :¬(

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I married her 5 months later and she ruined my life lol…

I haven’t had bad dates, only bad relationships lol.

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We went to see ‘The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover.” Worst date movie ever.
It still gives me the creeps.

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I have never really been on a “worse date”. But…

I was on a date. The car broke down and needed a push so I could pop the clutch and get the car started.
I had my date push the car. LOL
I was probably her worse date ever.
She got back in the car and asked me to take her home. lol

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I nearly got raped; had to fight the guy off. ‘Nuff said.

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@janbb – Who was it. I will kill him!

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@ChazMaz Actually happened two different times. Thanks pal!

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@noelleptc total symptoms of total immaturity! plus, he has that fatal disease…“jerkism!”

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The date asked me to his place for a bbq. He had a very nice car and a membership to an exclusive and very expensive country club. anyway when I got there he pulled out a huge bottle of wine in a paper bag and asked me to guess what kind. It turned out to be cheap gallo plonk. As he cooked I perused his bookshelves which were full of self – help flag He proceeded to get sloppy, pants wetting drunk. He tried to keep me there and accidently pulled my hair. I left in the pouring rain.

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@noelleptc Loll… love it! Glass is always half full!

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@trailsillustrated I guess money doesn’t equal class lol.

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He had stomach issues (nervous stomach)

= terrible gas

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My sophomore year of high school I had just broken up with my boyfriend and did not have a date for the Homecoming dance. A guy in one of my classes who was a senior and a minor acquaintance and I struck up a conversation about Homecoming. He didn’t have a date either and he suggested we go together, strictly as friends. We went with a group that included us and two other couples. We all went to dinner before the dance and everything was fine until we got to the dance itself. He started really coming on strong, including having the band dedicate a song to me and started professing that he was in love with me. I knew he wasn’t and this all came totally out of NOWHERE. He just wanted to have a girlfriend. When I reminded him that we’d agreed to come as friends and that I barely knew him, he got upset and LEFT me at the dance. I had to get a ride home with one of the other couples we came with.

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After the date, she invited me inside where I she showed me her two cats that she shaves all the hair off because she’s allergic to cat hair. (Hairless cats are UGLY!) It took all my will power to keep from puking as I ran out of her place…

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I got drunk and threw up in my boy friends car.

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I’m still in therapy for my worst date ever.

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@tranquilsea – I will put that person on my who to beat list also. ;-)

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