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What is the pitch of your cat's meow?

Asked by gailcalled (54524points) November 3rd, 2010

Milo’s is consistently G above middle C. The tone is so annoying that I would assume few overtones.

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I would have to ask one of the musicians in my family about that.I have two Maine Coons that “trill”. :)

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How do you figure that out?

My male cat varies in pitch, it sounds like he tries to talk (but so far the only word I’ve been able to make out is “mama”), with the meows ranging in pitch and length, as well as mixing purrs and throaty sounds too. We’ve had ‘conversations.’

My female cat makes short, delicate meows.

Bum kitty (a cat that lives outside… long story) makes short, loud, meows that might be translated as someone saying “hey” over and over until you pet or feed him/her.

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I was lucky to have Milo give several short and irritating meows next to the piano.
The rest was easy, given that he is Johnny-one-note unless I step on his tail.

The purr is a mixture of sound and sensation. His body vibrates in a pleasant manner.

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My cat’s is probably F above higher M. F for food and M for “MEEOOOW!”

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@gailcalled Thank you for making me feel just a little less insane. My girl cat’s meow is a two note affair that moves from D to F. My boy cat just doesn’t meow often enough for me to pin it down.

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@crazyivan: Always trust your own senses.

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My grandson’s cat says more like myaah instead of meow.

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I am more interested in the pitch than the syllabification, which is hokey at best.

However, the similarity between so many disparate countries is interesting:

Cat Source
Afrikaans: miaau
Albanian: mjau
Arabic (Algeria): miaou miaou
Bengali: meu-meu
Bulgarian: (myau)
Catalan: meu, meu
Chinese (Mandarin): miao miao
Croatian: mijau
Czech: mnau
Danish: mjav
Dutch: miauw
English: meow
Esperanto: miaw
Estonian: näu
Finnish: miau, kurnau
French: miaou
German: miau
Greek: a (niaou)
Hebrew: (miy’au)
Hindi: mya:u, mya:u:
Hungarian: miau
Icelandic: mjá
Indonesian: meong
Italian: miao
Japanese: nyaa
Korean: (n)ya-ong
Montenegrin: m(i)jau
Norwegian: mjau
Polish: miau
Portuguese: miau
Romanian: miau
Russian: (myau)
Slovene: mijau
Spanish (Spain, Argentina): miau
Swedish: mjau
Thai: meow meow (with high tone)
Turkish: miyauv, miyauv
Ukrainian: myau
Vietnamese: meo-meo
Urdu: meeaaow meeaaow

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Either MIlo has broadened his repertoire or my piano is out-of-tune. Tonight I heard F# to G.

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