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Did your politics change when you moved from one part of the US to another?

Asked by JLeslie (54495points) November 3rd, 2010

Not only one region to another, but also consider if you moved from a rural area to the city, or vice versa.

I generally am for reasonable taxation and some basic public programs and services, but having moved to the midsouth from the east coast, I am not very happy about giving money to the county or state, because I don’t think they make prudent decisions, and you hear about so much corruption. When I lived in FL and other places, I paid my taxes without question, and even voted to raise the sales tax temporarily to help fix up the schools that were aging. I still tend to vote similarly to what I always have, holding onto what I have generally felt is the right thing to do, but I do have a slightly different perspective on things. What has been reinforced for me is I tend to favor central government to local government concerning many things. I feel like the practically religiously run states in the bible belt make scary laws that are unconstitutional, and I like the federal laws much better.

On social issues like gay rights, abortion, immigration, I have not wavered or had any second thoughts.

What about you? Did you surprise yourself once you moved, and started to have first hand experience living somewhere else, once you had a different experience.

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Everywhere I’ve lived, rural or urban, or in any state I’ve lived, it’s always been in a liberal—well, fairly lefty part of the community. Sometimes the whole town is that way. Sometime the whole part of the city is that way. My politics have not changed as a result of any move I’ve made.

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I have never changed in my beliefs, because of a certain area or region even though I have lived all over the U.S.

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No.I know what I think about things.

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I do tend to put more importance into certain perspective depending on the politics of the person with whom I am in a relationship with. I was dating a man with a small town perspective and that really shifted my usual city like thinking. I found that it is not so much a matter of changing one’s belief, but putting different degree of emphasis on certain ideals due to exposure to a different experience.

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I haven’t changed my political beliefs but I have become more aware and passionate about social and environmental issues since moving to California. I was always aware, but almost didn’t care as much. could be an age thing too, ya know, growing up

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No, I have lived all over the U.S. and my politics have always remained the same.

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My politics have stayed pretty much the same, too (fairly liberal). This may be because, as some have, said, I tend to gravitate towards areas where there are other liberals. Furthermore, I’ve been in academic medicine, which tends to attract more progressive-minded docs.

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