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If I were to ask you to sing & dance, which would you perform best?

Asked by ucme (50037points) November 3rd, 2010

Or which would be least embarrassing for you? In other words I guess i’m asking, which are you half way decent at? Both, neither or one or the other? Just a bit of fun.

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Singing, by far.

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Singing. I am not a good dancer.

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A speedy exit.

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By a slight margin: dancing, but both are terrible.

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Definately singing. Throw in a few vodkas and I might even dance ;-)

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I’d probably be marginally more happy singing. I wouldn’t win any awards for either!

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All equipment must be returned. So will Mr. Wasp please remove the tutu he’s wearing on the way out. Thank you

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I am a much much better dancer than I am a singer – you don’t want to hear me sing, ever.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir I know, i’ve seen you on youtube…..nice moves :¬)

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I’d like to think I can belt out a pretty good version of Ain’t Too Proud to Beg so I’m gonna go with singing. :)

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This all while tap dancing.

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I can sing the alphabet song. I got all the words now, even if I can’t (still can’t) carry the tune.

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Both. I’m experienced with movement and music, and have often sung as I danced.

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Imagines @lucillelucillelucille in a pair of kinky thigh boots, a (hopefully) fake beard murdering…...sorry, singing operatic tones in Italian….. ish. Nice visual :¬)

lucillelucillelucille's avatar

@ucme-Looking in my window again aren’t ya?? XD

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@lucillelucillelucille Yeah the hubble telescope is suprisingly cheap to hire for the evening. Worth every penny I might add. :¬)

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@ChazMaz Go on, you’re shitting me! On an advisory note, the proximity of your sweaty ballbags would be an issue. If in the act of “dumping your load” teabagging looks a clear & present danger. I will be forced into radical evasive action. Namely, your nuts are toast!

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I can do both. I’ve been involved in theatre practically my entire life and was also in the music business for a time. My older sister would impress you more though. She’s been on Broadway.

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Right off the bat I’d be better at singing. But with practise the dancing would come along.

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I can sing like crazy, but I always played in the band so I didn’t have to dance!

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both I guess. I am Beyoncé in my heart/mind/dreams.

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I can do both. I took dance until I was well into college and then took it there as gym credit. I did tap, jazz, modern, and ballroom. I can still pop and lock it but my drop it is broken currently.
And I can sing. I rap too occasionally for sh*ts and giggles with students at school. Fuzzy Wuzzy has been my latest creation. We progressed from the fluther version from this past weekend onto fuzzy’s braids and pant sagging.

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I can tapdance, and I once sang Rob Zombie’s Dragula at a karaoke.
That said, I can also shake my hair pretty good, like all those Metal singers who practice hair swinging more than their music.
Denno if that’s what you’re looking for though haha.

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Singing. I am not much of a dancer.

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Definitely singing.

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I cannot keep a tune, I always sing off key. People have actually asked me not to sing along. I have no sense of rhythm, but I am an accomplished Square Dancer.

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@Symbeline Is a headbanger, now that i’d like to see. So yeah, that is what i’m looking for! :¬)

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Well, I am a trained classical singer and certainly not a trained dancer (despite going to many dance classes as a child). In fact, my dad once told me that I dance like a baby elephant!

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I can sing like a donkey and dance like a frog. What’s your pleasure?

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I would dance ! Happy Feet Happy Feet !

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how about a new one, singing a song in ASL

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Singing…all the way. Can’t dance worth anything, but I can sing pretty decently…

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Neither ^^ I’m not good at any of them.

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