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Is there a good brand of un-chlorinated cake flour?

Asked by mistic84 (274points) November 3rd, 2010

I’m baking a Japanese cheesecake and it says it need cake flour. I’ve read that cake flour is usually chlorinated to make it absorb more water and thus making a more delicate cake. I am a little weary of using anything chlorinated. I did see that you can substitute the cake flour with all purpose flour mixed with a little cornstarch, but I don’t think that will give me the desired texture. Would pastry flour be better?

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I’m not sure this is completely un-chlorinated (as cake flour can be treated with chlorine gas as well as bleach), but here is an unbleached cake flour. It looks as though it performs somewhere between all-purpose and traditional cake flours.

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I was going to suggest unbleached, King Arthur is one that comes to mind, but I’m not certain that’s what you meant by un-chlorinated.

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That’s the stuff use King Arthur—Cake Flour. Good as any lower protein flour for use in baking.

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I was also going to say King Arthur but I see others already have suggested it. It’s the only one I know of and Wegmans is pretty good at carrying alot of options in products.

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In most cases, flour in the US is bromated rather than chlorinated. King Arthur Flour isn’t bromated, and I agree with others that it’s great flour.

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