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Do you know what day is today?

Asked by bob_ (20054points) November 3rd, 2010

Today is National Sandwich Day, in honor of John Montagu, 4th Earl of Sandwich, who was born on November 3, 1718.

How are you going to celebrate it?

Thanks to J0E for the tip.

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At your house.Now go make me a sandwich ;)

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Shouldn’t Dr J have have a sandwich in honor of this auspicious event?

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As I mentioned a couple days ago, by giving you a knuckle sandwich!

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@JilltheTooth But of course!

@erichw1504 I just ate, but thanks!

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Congrats Bob! 10K, National Sandwich Day. You’re on a helluva roll lately.

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I do this most every night, but today to celebrate, i will light a candle…...first.

I am going to make a quadruple peanut butter and strawberry jam sandwich, right before going to bed. also, instead a pint-size glass, i will take the whole quart of milk to bed with me.

I will be celebrating in style.

Cheers to yo sandwich maker.

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Wow. Who knew! Good thing I had my sandwich today.
It was a turkey and provolone with baby spinach interleaved between each layer, on whole wheat bread. both pieces slathered with real mayo.
Washed down with green tea.

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Is it really? Damn, I was going to make quesadillas. Can that be considered a sandwich? If not I have sourdough, lunch meat, pepper jack and bacon.

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Egg salad coming up, cuz I have hard boiled eggs ready and I ate all my sandwich cookies yesterday.
OMG, I’m letting Fluther dictate my eating habits, now. I’m way too invested here!

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This day is truly a day of celebration for the @bob_ -ster.
Now go make us all a sandwich!

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For dinner, I’ll have a turkey breast sandwich, with a layer of roast beef spread.

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Of course it is. Well if this even counts as a sandwich I celebrated with a peanut butter bagel sandwich.

Aethelwine's avatar

beef and breasts, sounds dirty~

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Oh god not this sandwich shit again.

<——Evil sandwich just for you bob_

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I swear I’m eating a sandwich this second. lol

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I prefer pie.

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@ChazMaz How about a pie sandwich?!

bob_'s avatar


Oh, God, I can’t do it. Here, have one.

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If I had only known. I hard boiled some eggs last night, but I made deviled eggs out of them. I guess I’ll have to go with peanut butter and jelly for today. Or I could make my own version of the egg McMuffin with home made biscuits, a fried egg and a slice or 2 or Morningstar Farms fake bacon with a little bit of Vegenaise mixed with ketchup and a little bit of sweet pickle relish (the equivalent of secret sauce).

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Hey @bob_ .

What is your favorite sandwich?

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I have one vine ripened home grown tomato left, It might have to be a BLT in Bob’s honor.

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@ChazMaz I’m a simple guy. As long as it has pastrami, I’m golden.

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How about a TUNA sandwitch?

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@JustmeAman Your mom gave me one of those last night.

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Would it be a little presumptuous of me to wear a sandwich board around my town announcing this frankly astonishing news?

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@ucme No. They should give you a medal or something.

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I don’t have a mom me and my dad shared yours.

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@JustmeAman I didn’t know you enjoyed rotted sandwiches.

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She’s your mom too.

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I had a sammich at lunch today, but didn’t know about the holiday. I’m glad I unknowingly observed it.

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Today is Wednesday…also referred to as HUMP day! Hahahaha. So who is going to be the bread and who wants to be the filling now?
I’m opting out here….don’t particular care for sandwiches! Hahahaha

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Get in teh kitchen and make me a sandwich, BOB! :)

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Every day is exactly like every other day for me. There is no weekend, no holiday, no vacation, Monday is just like Wednesday, and so on. For a stay at home worker, there is always work to do, every single day of the year.

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@erichw1504 Yo, is that knuckle sandwich still available?

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I’ll go get a cold cut special from Subway, can’t beat it with a stick.

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