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Cheap Sirius satellite radio monthly service?

Asked by zombo (132points) April 2nd, 2008

I’ve been listening to free XM through It’s great, but they are discontinuing their partnership with XM on 4/30. They are offering a deal (see ) for $3/mo for 6 months. I prefer to listen to Sirius. Are there any special deals out there for Sirius? Or is there something like that gives away free XM or Sirius radio?

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Well this may not be of much help to your immediate situation, but the FCC has given the final go-ahead allowing XM and Sirius to merge, so what may seem like limited options may have just become even more limited, FYI.

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The only way to make it less expensive is to buy the radio around the holidays- they usually have deals. Then, go into the subscription with a few other friends- the first subscription is $12 and the next 3 are $6 each. For me it is worth every penny.

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