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Sinful snack anyone?

Asked by spendy (1446points) April 2nd, 2008

What is your favorite sinful snack…that someone else would consider weird, gross, or just plain yuck? I’m talking about that ONE thing you somehow concocted and LOVE to eat – it’s your favorite “tasty treat”. But, everyone else winces at it from across the room…

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Hummus on pita with clover sprouts, swiss cheese, almond butter, honey, and lettuce, if you have it.

Discovered on a camping trip when that was all we had left.

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Quail eggs and squirrel brains!

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@delirium, that actually sounds really good.

Note to self: update grocery list

@bulbatron – are you serious? yikes

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It is sooooo delicious. And soooo healthy. Just… be sure to get ‘original’ hummus. Nothing weird. It ruins the whole thing.

Also, clover honey is best.

Its the most yummy thing ever.

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I live in po-dunk, not sure we’ll have ‘original’ hummus here. What am I looking for? Never bought anything but pre-fab (shame on me).

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Athenos “original” style hummus should be availible at a local supermarket. If you can’t go for the fancy ‘original’ stuff, it doesn’t make much difference.

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Most people think how i get my hoagies from wawa is pretty strange but i love it.

Italian Hoagie

Creamy Horseradish Sauce
Chipotle Ranch Dressing
Pepper Jack Cheese
Then toasted so its nice and warm and the cheese is all melty.

MMMMMM such a great sandwich wish i could have one right now

edit-wonder how many of you out there know of the awesomeness of wawa.

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Not me. What is wawa? Like a subway or quiznos?

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My wife hates the idea of Beans & Weenies. Everytime I make it she gets grossed out, but it is quite normal right? The only odd thing I do is add a little cheese to thicken it up, oh and BBQ sauce.

I can’t say I’ve ever had hummus, nor can I see it in my list of foods to take camping, but I can see why it would be one of the last things left to eat.

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Fritos and cottage cheese

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@everyone Wawa is baiscally like a 7–11 on crack.

Wa wa <—-2 separate links

My sandwhich is
Grilled Chicken
Mozzerlla cheese
Chipotle Ranch Dressing
Sweet Peppers
Lite Mayo
Salt, Pepper
All toasted on a kaiser roll…from Wawa =] and a bag of HoHo’s and a Arizona Sweet Ice Tea.

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@Randy wawa is a little piece of heaven here in the tristate area heh. Its the greatest convenience store ever. Wawa has some amazing teas that are in half gallon jugs for like 1.30 which is awesome when your poor and thirsty ^_^, Plus they have a deli thats pretty damn awesome. They also own gas stations that are always the cheapest price. Wawa is really the only thing i would miss if i ever moved away from this area.

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I enjoy making peanut butter frosting and eating it alone, and all of of at once. to make: pb, powdered sugar, soymilk mix to consistency of your liking and wa-la! I sometimes spread this stuff on newman-o’s…did I mention I love sugar?

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I love fluffernutters (sandwich with peanut butter and Fluff, or your marshmallow cream of choice). I know that in some parts of the country, this is very normal, but A LOT of people are horrified by the idea of them. I prefer them in folded half-sandwich-style, with peanut butter over the whole slice and a big gob of Fluff in the middle. Mmmm.

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Deep fried pickles are where its at

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@ Peedub- True that!

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OMG that sounds so amazing yet just wrong at the same time.

Note to self. Throw pickle in deep fryer tomorrow at work.

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Oh, yeah. The deep fried pickles are good. I like ‘em with ranch!

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@ uberbatman- bread them first. It makes them so good.

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So i bread them and then i take it go for a golden brown color? And should i let them cool before eating?

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Yeah, bread ‘em like you would fried chicken. Definitely let them cool, which I admit is the hardest part. I recently read an article in the NY Times food section about something called a ‘Pickle Sickle.’ It was basically like an otter pop with pickle brine in it. I need to get my hands on one of those.

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Grilled peanut butter and jelly-the same way you would do a grilled cheese. It’s like warm gooey candy…and the salty from the butter mixed with the sweet is sublime.

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@ uberbatman- You can eat them warm or chilled. Either way they are delicious! Don’t eat ‘em straight out of the frier of course, that could cause some major mouth burns. Hahaha.

@ sndfreQ- That sound awesome! I will have to try that. Hopefully today!

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Warmed Brie with brown sugar and walnuts melted on top and a great French bread to spread it on. Also, a peanut butter, mayo, and American cheese sandwich. I get crazy disgusted looks for both of them. @delerium—I am so going to try your concoction, I love hummus and the way you put that all together made me smile and think of the tastes in my mouth. Yum.

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This is really strange , but ever since I was a kid I like to dip dill pickles in chocolate. Weird I know, but I love it.

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mac&cheese + toast + butter, omg. it is the best invention ever!

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I can always go for grilled cheese with avocado.

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To everyone who loves fried pickles…they’re the best!!! And definitely w/ranch (that’s my dipping sauce of choice for almost everything). **If you’re going to make them yourself, be sure to slice them up first!** – that hasn’t been mentioned yet, but that’s how I eat them.

@blueberryme – I’m with ya on the fluffernutters. ;) except, I put a little butter on mine. Yeah, it’s just so healthy! lol

…glad everyone is enjoying this thread!!! :D

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People dipped in ranch…

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I am a huge fan of just eating really good cheese by itself. I went through half a wedge of parmiggiano reggiano from whole foods on the subway yesterday… people looked at me like I was out of my mind.

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@shockvalue, do you put the avacado in the grilled cheese?

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@ bulb I eat quail eggs and squirrel brains too they are so good.

Fried twinkies are the best by far!!!

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Speaking of fried twinkies (never had one, might consider it)...has anyone ever had a fried Snickers bar? I’ve just heard about this, and apparently they are all the rave in the south. Or was it the north? Has anyone tried this?

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In Scotland too. There’s late night catering trucks selling all kinds of fried stuff

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@spendy no i havent had a fried snickers cause im allergic to peanuts, but i have had a fried twix and i can tell you they’re great.

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How is it fried? Is there some kind of breading or crumbs or something? I’m so curious about this…and how in the world it wouldn’t end up a melty, chocolate mess.

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yea its got a thin layer of batter on it. I couldnt tell you what kind though unfortunatly its been years since ive had them.

Heres a recipe i found on google if you want to give it a try sometime.

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Thanks…I’ll check it out. Probably won’t actually TRY it too soon…still loosing the baby weight.

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You could batter them in squirrel brains! YUM!

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lol…yilkie (my alt. phrase for yuck). :)

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If you mean sinful as in my friends are going to give me hell for eating it, the frozen pickle is my new summer favorite. I just discovered their splendor by mistake last night. I’m hooked!

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you should be!

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