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How do I get my computer out of safe mode?

Asked by Marchofthefox (787points) November 3rd, 2010

I cannot get my Dell PC out of Safe mode no matter what I do.

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I would suggest trying to reset it?

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Have you tried just… restarting it?

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Turn it off, turn it back on, don’t tell it to go into safe mode this time. If it does it by itself you might want to check for a virus or something. This is a good guide for getting rid of any nastys you may find.

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I’ve tried restarting it, it won’t go to the menu of like safe mode and normal mode setting preferences. I’ve tried F2, F8 and F12 while the computer is loading and the taskbar is still like old school, it won’t go to reqular blue like it normal should. I’ll check out the link but I’m pretty sure there is not a virus.

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If you press F8 and you select to boot normally or boot with last known good configuration what happens? Does it reboot itself. If so press F8 again and tell Windows to not restart on fail…capture the error.

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@projectilevomit A bit risky, but if it won’t even reboot, can you try doing it manually with the button on the PC?
I’m not saying to necessarily try the following…but at that point, I woulda got pissed enough to unplug the PC, or turn off the power supply button in the back (If you have one.) and then restart it manually.

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Oddly enough, it stays the same when I do it manually.
@mrlaconic , I’ll try your advice..

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This should be an easy fix. turn your computer on and if it goes into the safe mode just let it load. Next click start, run and type “msconfig” and press enter. Click the boot.ini tab and in the lower section under boot options remove all of the check marks if there are any and click apply then go to the general tab and click normal startup then click apply and ok and restart and you should be able to boot into windows.

If that dose not work then you can try this. If you are taken back to the safe mode then double click my computer. Double click c: drive and click tools, click folder options, cilck view, click show hidden files and folders, remove check mark from hide extensions for known file types and hide protected operating system files then click apply and ok. then find the boot.ini file and right click on it and chose properties and uncheck read only. Next open boot.ini in notepad and delete every thing in there and paste the text below in notepad and save as boot.ini then restart computer.

This is the text copy everything between the quotes.
”[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS=“Microsoft Windows XP Professional” /fastdetect”

I hope this fixes your problem and if so please let me know by leaving me a message here.

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