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What happened to what used to happen when you pressed your own button?

Asked by Soubresaut (12802points) November 3rd, 2010

I remember when I first joined fluther I didn’t understand why I could lurve my own posts, and then I ran into a post where people where laughing at what happens when you do… so I tried it and laughed aloud : )
Came back after a break and for fun tried to see if those were still the same (because the format’s been changed a bit—which I do like by the way) and nothing happened! Nothing was there!! Wondering if anyone knew why?

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I haven’t pressed my own button in such a long time, I didn’t even notice. Welcome back btw!
I did enjoy it too. That’s sad if they took that feature away. darn, they did:(

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Are you referring to the link that said, “Add yourself to your Fluther”?

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@camertron I believe you could also give yourself a great answer. You wouldn’t get points for it, but you would receive a smart ass reply. It’s been so long since I tried it , I can’t remember for sure.

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A bunch of those links happened based on the way we architected the system on the backend, and as we’ve cleaned up the code it sometimes becomes more difficult to add the jokes back in.

We’re still thinking of new, funny things as we develop new features.

Also, I think you’re referring to thanking yourself, which I think you can still do if you write a response on your own question.

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Yes, that was it @andrew. Thank you!

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Thank you, self! Self, you’re the best.
You’ve gotten me through some hard times.
I wouldn’t be where I am today without you, self.
Thank you.

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I liked Narcissism. Funny stuff.

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@johnpowell You can still get there by clicking on yourself on other people’s profiles.

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