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Can you bite your tongue and let it go?

Asked by Aethelwine (42865points) November 3rd, 2010

Can you? Or do you take your frustrations out elsewhere?

If you do take them out on someone else, who receives the brunt of your frustration?

My husband does from me, he gets an earful.

If I’m mad at my husband, my tongue is very sore the next day. Sometimes I put comments on my profile if it’s something online that frustrates me. That usually lasts 10 minutes, then I change it. :P

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I am single and my ex: SO phones when he’s drunk. I bite and bite and bite. I had an itch/rash for years. My son got married in Santorini and I took Rick as my guest- I had the itch in my crotch, smiled, signed the book. Then we went to Europe, BITE, and more.

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It can depend on the circumstance; what it is I’m angry about and who it is I’m angry with and whether or not it’s been building up for a long time, and the phases of the planets and the moon, but, though I do have a temper, I have a very long fuse and but when you get to the end of that fuse, that’s it.

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I meant I had the itch at the wedding. I try to never cause a fuss. I think I have made myself sick with this.

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I do it regularly.

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I find it very difficult to keep quiet, and usually fail.

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Yeth, but it hurth tho much. Thay i’m thpeaking the thame ath thylvester!!

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Yes, that is my default approach. Ain’t nothin’ gonna break my stride.

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Did anybody else read this as biting their tongue and then stop biting it?

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I’m one of those cranky people that finds it very difficult to just bite my tongue. I usually end up saying something.

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Yes, I can do it, I’ve always done it, and that’s partly why I’m miserable where I’m at. I get it from my mom. We are both miserable. I never speak up until it’s too late and I gather up the courage.

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Yes, I bite hard….especially when my s/o is driving! She follows too close and she will be the first to complain about someone following her too close! Most of the time, I just try to look at the scenery to my left and right….try never to look at the person’s bumper a few feet away!

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@BoBo1946 haha…. I always bite my tongue when my husband drives. I didn’t when we were first together, but I quickly learned the argument wasn’t worth it. I go home and ice it down with a Popsicle. ;)

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@jonsblond Loll… I just never look ahead….right left right left! My son is a bumper follower…i never open my mouth.

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I think I just generally vent when I get home or I take it out at the trains because they’re always running so bad…sometimes I kick a train…better than kicking a person.

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I hardly ever keep quiet.

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I can bite it – I usually do – and I can let it go so long as I can vent. Usually I vent to my wife, because that’s who I usually talk to. I wouldn’t call this “taking my frustrations out elsewhere,” exactly – it’s not like I snap at her because I’m angry at someone else, I just rant for awhile.

@Vincentt Yes, I did at first.

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Lately I have been trying to let things go. I try to just take a deep breath and forget it. It’s not as hard as I thought. A year ago If someone bumped into me I would make sure I bumped them harder, I would even chase people down the school halls, and if you said something rude or disrespectful about my Dad you’d better run for your life. Now I just try to let it pass.

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If I’m at work then I’m pretty reliable to take 95% of the shite without blowing. At home then I don’t feel I’m expected to play games, withold, pretend, suffer or placate but I do try to choose my battles and take into account what’s really serious and what’s venting. My partner is really good at encouraging me to “let it out”, I think he’s figured this is to his advantage to learn me better and not end up on the poop end of the stick himself.

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I take it out on Friday nights.

and i am an awesome fucking driver, thank you very much

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@Blondesjon You sure don’t bite your tongue when I drive. ;)

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It depends if it was or is something that really bugs me.
@jonsblond I’m with @Blondesjon on that one. I can’t hold my tongue for too long when my husband is driving like a maniac. He has learned a bit since I pointed out that he does aggressive driving.
But its hard to hold you tongue when you would like to live to your next destination. :p
But other than that, I will let most things past if they are minor stuff. Which most are.
And if I choose to keep things in I don’t take my fustrations out on anyone. I just keep a running tally till they do something really stupid. Then I let the pigs fly.

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