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I need to open a dmg file on my windows vista,but dont know the appropriate program that it opens with.........pls help.

Asked by lafiya2997 (1points) April 3rd, 2008
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Try renaming your .dmg with the .iso extension, it may be work. Else try to convert your dmg file with the disk utility and choose the iso format in output.

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Otherwise, it should be noted that *.dmg is a Mac file. Renaming it to *.iso doesn’t usually work – but you can probably find a program that will convert one to the other properly.

Try asking the person who gave you the file to use *.zip instead, or if it is a program you downloaded, get the PC version.

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A .dmg file is a Mac disk image file, akin to an .iso file for CD images.

Even if you can get it open, you’ll most likely need a Mac to make use of the contents. If it’s not Mac-specific, download the .zip file instead.

(If it’s the iPhone SDK, you don’t need it unless you’re a programmer, and it requires a Mac to run.)

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