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New indie/alternative music?

Asked by goldilocks (273points) April 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

I’m just looking for something new!

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When you say you’re looking for alternative music, are you looking for more rock music, or more mellow alternative?

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“Beirut” is my favorite
and “Of Montreal”
they are both wonderful because they are the workings their music is the creative influence of one person. No pesty bandmates or record labels telling them what to do.

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I’d love to second Beirut, they’re wonderful. My old history teacher actually got me into them.
I also love Voxtrot, Explosions in the Sky, Bishop Allen, The Rakes, Jape, Les Savy Fav, Tunng, and Iron and Wine. Just to name a few somewhat indie things in my library.

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of montreal, mewithoutyou, minus the bear, mew, and ab theory.

you cant download ab theory, if thats what you intended to do because they aren’t on any of the torrent sites =/, you can go to their myspace and listen/buy the cd.

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Minus the bear is definitely a good suggestion, I’m seeing them next week..

My top suggestions would be…Pinback, Weatherbox, The Progress and Cityscapes.. I’m not sure if you’ll find the progress or Cityscapes anywhere on torrent sites cause theyre a local NJ bands but you can check out their myscpaces.. & ..they’re definitively worth checking out.

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@fallstand are you happening to see them on april 8th at the troc, cause i will also be there. i saw them in october for my birthday but i just love them to much to not see them again!

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I know a lot of these have been named, but here’s some good stuff :

Beirut, Sunset Rubdown, Caribou, Wolf Parade, Atlas Sound, Xiu Xiu, Sea Wolf, Joanna Newsom, Voxtrot (the EP’s are better), The Fiery Furnaces, Múm, The Knife, The Radio Dept., My Bloody Valentine, Beat Happening, Rogue Wave, Mirah, Explosions in the Sky, Spoon, The Decemberists, Deerhoof, The Octopus Project, Jens Lekman, Tokyo Police Club, Deerhunter, Animal Collective, The Mountain Goats, Yo La Tengo, Destroyer, The Blow, The Unicorns, Islands, Okkervil River, Shearwater, The Magnetic Fields, Iron & Wine, Belle % Sebastian, Sufjan Stevens, Broken Social Scene, Camera Obscura, Devendra Banhart, Grizzly Bear, DeVotchKa, Neutral Milk Hotel, The New Pornographers, Of Montreal, Okay, Coco Rosie, The Arcade Fire, Built To Spill, Clap Your Hands and Say Yeah, LCD Soundsystem, Grand National, The National, Stars, VHS or beta, Sea Bear, Cloud Cult, Readymade FC, ...

I’ll stop there, as I’m getting myself excited.

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Wow, I don’t have an answer but I am sure glad someone asked the question.

@ Shockvalue – Nice list

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I guess fourths on Of Montreal and Beirut. also, Cloud Cult, Bishop Allen, and ill think of some more

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The Album Leaf
The Sailor Sequence
Lymbyc Systym
This Will Destroy You
Hot Chip
Edison Glass

those are just a few…

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@ppcakes – yep i’ll be there.. I saw them 2 summers ago they were awesome.. Just not sure how this one will be cause
I didnt like their latest album as much as menus el oso and highly refined pirates

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My new favorite, that I learned about from Fluther by the way, is Lemon Demon! I’m totally hooked on their song, “Fine”!!!

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i really liked their new song “ice monster” off their new album. but yay for going to see minus the bear. maybe you will see me!

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Can we talk about the song “No Children” by The Mountain Goats? What in the world is he trying to say?

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@ppcakes I just checked my ticket it’s at the TLA not the Troc.. Make sure you don’t go to the wrong venue! haha

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TLA and Troc are the same thing, its the tla at the filmore or something, i didnt get my tickets yet but im hoping it wont be sold out… i will be upset if its sold out =/

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@ppcakes show was greatttttttttt… I took some videos

(btw Troc is in chinatown/convention center area, TLA is on south street)

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you’re right, i got really confused. i didnt get to go last night, i walked to southstreet to get my ticket and they were sold out, partially my fault for not buying them sooner, partially my friends fault for making me wait so long to go down there. i was really upset, thank you so much for sharing your videos <333

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Anything and everything on these record labels:

DFA Records-
Italians Do It Better-

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I have a suggestion- how about “Alo and the Narcissist”?
Here is their website:

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