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IPhone fans: What do you think of this comparison?

Asked by needleinthehay (190points) April 3rd, 2008

It’s incredibly biased, it doesn’t even mention the hd capacity of the iPhone, nor the large screen but I think it brings up a good point or two.

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isn’t IM and text the same? And, I’ve heard of talks of 3g speeds for the iPhone soon.

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How are they at all the same?

I think I’m going to hold out on getting a smartphone until the Ocean 2 comes out, but only if they come in 8gb-16gb models like the iPhone.

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Yeah, totally biased.
I’m an Apple fan so I’ll be biased the other way, and you can decide.
The difference of the price alone could account for the lack of storage space on the helio. The whole 3G vs. 2.5G thing is an old argument. I prefer to see it like this… Do I want my data accessible from anywhere? Yes. Well, 3G isn’t available everywhere, so what good is GPS navigation if I’m not getting service? No keyboard? How about a fantastic touch based QWERTY keyboard that pops up only when you need it? Email, yes there is setup involved, but after that you can get most POP/IMAP accounts, plus MS Exchange Mail will be available with the next software update. No IM? There are several IM web apps for iPhone that support all kinds of IM services, the one I use is Meebo. MMS? No there is no MMS. GPS? No, no true GPS but the area you’re in can be triangulated from towers and wifi hotspots. Web browsing? I like how they hesitate to say “Full” HTML browser for the iPhone, but will with theirs, and I’ve already addressed the 2.5 vs. 3G argument. Web search? Yes, the default in Safari is Google but can be set for yahoo, the others, just add a web clip to your homescreen. Over the air music downloads? You can download securely in a wifi area. Content sharing? Not sure what they mean by this, if they mean music or movies that’s called piracy and is in fact frowned upon by the FBI. Mobile gaming? Tons of web apps, plus more games including 3D and maybe multiplayer when the third party games hit with the new update. Bluetooth yes. Stereo Bluetooth no. Myspace integration? Once again web clip it to your homescreen plus they have an iphone specific site. YouTube yes. Camera? No flash no zoom saves battery life, something curiously left off the comparison. Video camera? Same answer as camera, plus saves a ton of storage space. Removable battery? No, but Apple wants to make sure that the product you get is going to work, so if you get a third party battery how are you sure it will last? Will have the same lifespan? Will have the same output? Another thing they don’t mention is the warranty. 1 year with an option to 2 with the Applecare Protection plan for the iPhone with a full year of phone support or 2 if you buy the Protection Plan. You also get great personal customer service at an Apple store and if you do have a problem you aren’t waiting for a replacement to be shipped to you while your phone is on the fritz. Helio has a one year warranty, didn’t see an extended plan, and you call their customer support where you explain to, not show, them what’s happening, depending on their assessment of the situation a phone will be shipped to you.

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Just found the battery life. Ocean has 5.1 hours of talk time while the iPhone has 8 hours, that’s roughly 64% of the battery life. If we then translate that to the rest of the fields we get 160 hours of standy by for the Ocean, 250 for iPhone. 4.8 hours of internet use for Ocean compared to 6 hours for the iPhone. 4.5 hours of video playback for the Ocean, 7 hours for the iPhone. And 15.4 hours of audio playback for the Ocean compared to 24 hours for the iPhone. If the battery gives you a problem inside your warranty, likely Helio will only replace the battery if even that, Apple will give you a new phone which totally rocks especially if you get the 2nd year of service. Also, Helio dosn’t sync with iTunes. And one last thing. My iPhone is in one nice piece with no external moving parts save the buttons, while the Ocean has a huge sliding keyboard. Just more sleek and less things to break, for me anyway.

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Heh, this comparison will need to be updated in June. iPhone will get IM, 3G, Exchange push mail, MMO gaming, 3D gaming, Wii-like gaming…. LOL.

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That chart looked very “lop-sided”! I love my iPhone, but since I don’t own a Helio I can’t give you a good answer. I would try to find an unbiased, third-party comparison.

@TheDeadWake Chill with the Double-Posts! Every thread I’ve seen you on, it has been Double-Post after Double-Post! No response is necessary!

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@squirbel where did you get 3G in June from?

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Dunno about squirbel’s source, but it the rumors have been a-flyin’.

I think the only official position from Apple is when Steve Jobs said something like, “later in 2008.”

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I’m a 2.0 beta tester for iPhone; so any advantage the Helio may have had will be lost with the June release.

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@glial, true that!

My money is on iPhone 2.0… even for “old” iPhones that are supposedly “stuck” on 2.5G cell net.

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My iPhone rocks all competitors and nobody can tell me otherwise!!!

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well it has 2 keyboards and the iphone has 0, Clearly it must better. I think what’s equally as sad is the new samsung coming out. Its a total rip off of the iphone, also boasting more features but actually having far less.

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The big advantage of the iPhone is the interface. It’s easier to use than anything else. You won’t find a chart that can quantify that difference. But sure, the Helio is better in some ways. It has some features the iPhone is missing. It’s just a question of what you need in a phone.

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