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Would this go on the phone bill if I upload a video on Youtube ?

Asked by ladyv900 (713points) November 4th, 2010

I have T-Mobile as my carrier and I was wondering if I send a video to Youtube, would it go on the T-Mobile bill or do I have to to call the T-Mobile provider to find out ?

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It depends if you have a data package or not.

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It’s the same as the rest of your internet traffic. Perhaps the upload prices differ from download prices (don’t guess so, but check the price list to double-check), but the fact that it’s to YouTube or that it’s a video that you’re uploading doesn’t really matter to the carrier. (Also, posting a video costs way more data than sending, say, some text on Fluther, so only do that when you have constant monthly costs.)

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Uploading a vid to youtube bears no relevance. What you need to find out is if you will be charged for using data . . . or “internet” on the phone.

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@mrrich724 Help me, I’ve used up all my internets! :P

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LOL! i can has moar internetz?

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