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What is your favorite metaphor?

Asked by ppcakes (457points) April 3rd, 2008

either one you have written or one you stole from someone else?

mine is
“your tongue flooded my mouth as if you were the troops and i was iraq.”

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Um, isn’t that a simile?

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Rob is right…

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haha, yeah. thats exactly what i meant. i’m so sorry. i always get them mixed up. but for anyone else who would like to answer the question, please use simile instead of metaphor.

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How ‘bout a little of both…

You’ve been hanging on like Cling-Free. In the dryer, you’re my sock.

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Or, tweak yours a good bit – Your tongue is the troops, my mouth is Iraq.
When you invade that sh**, you might never come back!

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hhahaha, @bulbatron9 that has a totally new meaning now, haha. although, i do love what you have done with it, its just not the same! but thanks <3

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Well, since we diverge….

I’ve always liked “This sucks. Sucks like dead rats through a straw” (sucks farts out of dead chickens works too).

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sweating like a whore in church
sweating like a dog in a chinese restaurant
as useful as an ashtray on a motorbike
as useful as the pope’s balls

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Lil Wayne has so many good ones in his various songs. I like “I’m so high I could eat a star” and “big stacks my pockets on kreatine”

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… Lil Wayne has a ton.

“I rock like a fuckin fossil”
“I’m a crazy ass star like a fuckin asterisk”
“The yellow diamonds look like a fridge full of Coronas”
“When they see the boy they hyperventilate, I got em running after me like I’m about to win the race”
“I come after the money like Wednesday comes after Tuesday”
“Headed to the top like I’m tied to a rocket, baby”
“Yellow diamond ring lookin like a little Funyun
standin on my toes you can call me Paul Bunyan”
“They cannot see me, they are like Stevie”
“Weezy from the Dirty South yea the dirtiest bitch, but I’m clean like a virgin in detergent and shit”
“So sweet – make her wanna lick the wrapper, so I let her lick the rapper”
“In the game I’m manning up like Eli”
“I am sittin on the clouds I got smoke coming from my seat I can play basketball with the moon I got the whole world at my feet playin touch football on Marijuana Street or in a marijuana field you are so beneath my cleats get high, so high, that I feel like lying down in a cigar roll me up and smoke me cause I feel like dying”

and then some…

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