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How did the girl in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" figure out that the numbers had to do with Bible verses?

Asked by troubleinharlem (7981points) November 4th, 2010

I’m watching the movie (the French one, since the American one hasn’t come out yet) and I don’t get how the girl connected the numbers in the document with the Bible verses that had to do with the murders.

How did that happen?

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I loved all three of those movies!! I wish I could remember how she did, im going to have to go watch it again now.

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Wasn’t it Blomkvist’s daughter who was the first to realise as she was studying the bible. Maybe that was in the book rather than the film.

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no it was in the film too. She hacks Blomkvistā€™s computer and reads that Harriet had developed an interest in religion and then looks up the verses and sees they all have a common theme.

and the original film is Swedish, as is the book, not French

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@flutherother In the book it was Blomkvist’s daughter but it wasn’t the daughter in the movie (just watched it yesterday). In the movie it is Salander that makes the connection after she hacks his computer.

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@Lightlyseared is right. Lisbeth is a genius with a photographic memory. She looks at the information and puts two and two together where the other investigators just didn’t see a connection. I am going to see the third movie this weekend with my sister-in-law! eeeeee!!

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@tranquilsea and @flutherother Blomkvist doesn’t have a daughter. Do mean Vanger, the missing girl’s uncle? It’s been a while since I read the book and I don’t remember the details, but I do know it couldn’t have been a daughter of Blomkvist. I’m going to flip through the book now to try to find it because it’s driving me crazy that I can’t remember!

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OK, I’m a dork with a bad memory. Blomkvist did have a daughter, and she was the one who made the Bible verse connection in the book. Sheesh, I must be getting old!

Sorry, just ignore my ramblings above!

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I’ve read all three books recently but haven’t seen the movies yet. I am wondering how in the world all that densely packed information is going to distill into a 120-page screenplay. One way has to be to skimp with some of the logical connections. In the books it all makes sense.

And yes, it is Blomkvist’s daughter, who has been studying religion, who supplies the key.

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@Jeruba: Its worth seeing, but I wouldn’t go see the version thats coming out in 2011. Go see the original swedish version.
@Lightlyseared : Yeah, oops. xD

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Blomkvist does have a daughter. She’s only mentioned briefly and it’s around her prompting the revelation of the bible verses.

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Her name is Pernilla.

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@Jeruba I thought the first movie did an admirable job of representing the book. The second movie, not so much. I still liked the movie, but felt the story suffered. My husband, who hasn’t read any of the books, didn’t really care for Girl Who Played with Fire.

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