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How do you do that?

Asked by Scooby (10284points) November 4th, 2010

So, I’ve been on Fluther for some time now,& what eludes me is how do you add attachments to a thread without having to add the entire http address? Say I was to add a picture of my cat, so the word cat is highlighted in red, click on the word cat in red & see a picture of my cat! How do you do that?? I had to ask! :-/

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You surround your text in “quotes”, add a colon, and paste the link. An example of the complete form can be found under the Style your text line under the answer box.

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Thanks Vortico.

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It took me forever and an entire thread and about 6 different jellies trying to explain it to me, but it finally sunk in how to do that. Now I add attachments a lot, just to show off.

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@Scooby, here’s a link to the help page that shows how to format text, links, etc. on fluther.

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Thanks all, I give it a bash later… ;-)x

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You can also test drive your link in the blue preview area before you press the “answer” button to make sure it works. Took me about a week to get that down and now I’m like @chyna , I do it a lot to show off. This might help. hee hee couldn’t help myself.

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At Last!!! it’s sunk in, thanks everyone!!!! :-/ x

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Oh, good, I was about to post a long, detailed and probably boring explanation, and I probably would’ve left something out. Glad you got it!

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My memory being what it is lately I’m bound to forget it again Lol.. :-/
Thanks much……

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@Scooby Pretty cat! You’ve got it! Now you’ll be inserting pics like crazy.

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I’ll be showing off too alright, least while I remember what I’m doing :-0

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