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If you had the funds to start a new political party, would you?

Asked by PhiNotPi (12681points) November 4th, 2010

If you had the money and were able to start a political party to support your viewpoint, would you?

Note: This is a solely hypothetical question.

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No I would fund a revolution and bring back America to its greatness.

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Maybe, but im not sure it would be worth it. Just because I start the party does not mean it will ever go anywhere.

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Possibly so. I could name it The Coffee Party. I’d expect an instant return on my investment.

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Shit. If I had that kind of money to waste, I’d find a better way to waste it, starting with my own retirement.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Shit! Oh well, we move on. Unbowed by this unfortunate little setback.

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No. America is fundamentally structured around the two party system.

I would rather use the funds to shift the alignment and policy platforms of one of the existing parties through primaries.

@JustmeAman, I see you’re advocating violence to bring society back to some imagined golden age past. You sound like Osama bin Laden.

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The Party to End All Parties. As in, eliminate the party system entirely. Because when there aren’t any other parties, that one would be the only one… so it wouldn’t be a party, it would be the United States… or something like that.

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If funds means “financial security for myself for many years to come and enough to run a party even if it’s successful”, then I might. In the Netherlands. If it’s enough with the above conditions for a party in the US, then I’d do other things with it :)

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I would do what any politician worth his weight in bullshit would do. I would give you a beautiful, uplifting speech describing the earth shattering changes I would bring about with the money and then misappropriate the fuck out of it.

the 1st round of hookers and crack are on me boys!

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No I would start a Howlin Wolf / Nora Jones Fan club first. ;) seriously

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No, but I would fund the crap outta basic research! : )

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If I had that kind of money, I’d probably be the richest person in the world. No way I’d waste it on starting a new party. I’d just become a philanthropist. This is assuming you mean a party that would actually win something. If you merely want to start a new party, that doesn’t cost very much, nor does it mean very much.

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Yep, right after I did two chicks at the same time.

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Yes if you look at history that is how it has always been done and it will be that way again. Keep watching and you will see.

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@JustmeAman, wow, you sure sound like a bucket of snuggles. I take it you plan on being involved in this violent resurrection against the evil federal government?

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I really don’t think we are going to have that chance other things are involved and the World is in for big change. @Qingu

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@JustmeAman, interesting. Is this some reference to the end times or something?

It would be nice if you could be more specific in your ominous proclamations.

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Believe me you will see and know fairly soon.

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It’s going to be space aliens, isn’t it

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I can give you one thing. The Earth will burn.

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I agree. The Earth will indeed burn as the sun expands into a red giant billions of years from now.

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No, i have zero interest in politics and much better stuff to spend my money on.

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You only wish. You wait and see when things take place.

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@JustmeAman You sound kind of nuts. What are you talking about?

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I believe he’s talking about this

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Oh, I get it now. Trading cards will bring about the End of Days. Thanks!

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@Qingu, that was awesome.

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Perhaps I would try to help the Libertarian Party get bigger. However I would prefer to do other things with my money like trying to help people out by establishing my own businesses or companies that would pay decent wages in my area and I would give my employees decent benefits and working conditions.

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Yes, the “New Leaf” Party. We would legalize marijuana, stop corporate corruption by imprisoning the republican snakes and predetory lenders, assasinate all lobbyists and special interest groups. Tie George bush, dick cheney, karl rove and John Ashcroft to a barrel of oil and light them ablaze. And lots of other neat-o stuff that would actually “help” the American People.

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