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What does your first and middle name mean and where did it originate from?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2666points) November 4th, 2010

My first name means “Grand” originating from Wells. But also says it means “Powerful River” coming from a Greek origin. My middle name means “God is my judge” and it don’t say where it originated from. I think it’s interesting that names have other meanings to them. You don’t have to tell me your name if it makes you feel uncomfortable.

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If you put my first name meaning and my middle name meaning – it’s “The White Cliff of Joy Stone.” Very, very, very English.

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My first name means “of the Lord”, comes from the Latin word “dominus” meaning “lord” or “master”. My middle name “Dimitar” is related to Dimitri/Dmitri and comes from the Greek goddess of grain, Demeter. My second middle name “Avery” is my mom’s maiden name and is actually a truncation of the Russian name “Averyanov”. Not exactly sure what it means. :\

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My first name is Dutch for “scholar”, and my middle name (inherited from the grandfather I never met) is old English for “river crossing”.

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Ny first name is just a name as far as I know but was chosen because it sounds like my grandmorther’s. My middle name is my family of origin name and is Russian.

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My name means “graceful moon goddess”. I love the moon, but graceful? Not. I am a klutz.

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My first name means “Christian” which is really ridiculous for me…

My middle name means, ultimately “torch” or “shining light.”

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Actually, @janbb, Jan = Jane = Janet = “God is Gracious” = ... “graceful moon goddess?” Maybe. Not sure.

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@wundayatta Thanks – didn’t know that. How about I moon you and you can tell me how graceful it is?

My Yiddish name means “Bird of Life.” I used to hate having a Yiddish name but now I love what it means.

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I am pretty sure it means “Oh,damnit!” ;)

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@janbb I have to tell you that I adore the moon, and think it is quite beautiful and, indeed, graceful. That pretty much applies to all moons. Anyway, are you saying you want to go dancing? ‘Cause I’m down for that. Or up for it…. whatever.

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@wundayatta It’s a marvelous night for a moondance…

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Princess and god’s grace are my first and middle name, both have Hebrew origins.

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@janbb Jeez. Where do you live? Here it’s raining like an orchestra hall full of timpani players.

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My name means “one who plays the pipe” or “flute player”. haha =D and my middle name means “descendant of the fair child” in Irish, according to online.

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And how did @wundayatta and @janbb steal my name and make it a freakin romance? Dammit I’m still waiting for a ride to the candy, brandy, neck biting, male man party!!! XD!

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@janedelila Just order a cab. The way things are going around here, we’ll be at it all night.

Check that. Hold on…. what?

This just in. They are going to send the helicopter to pick you up! How’s that for service?

Do you think that anyone has a middle name based on heli?

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My first name is Hebrew for “Who is like God?” I think it would be quite fitting if it didn’t have the question mark.

I don’t know what the hell my middle name means.

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My mother named me for an ex-boyfriend, and picked my middle name because it went well with my first name.

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My first name (Gisèle) is originally German, but it’s totally French now, and means things like pledge, sacrifice, promise or hostage. Not sure exactly, but something like that.

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First: Sarah – Hebrew – means “princess”. Middle: Elizabeth – Hebrew – means “God’s promise”.

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I have chosen both my names myself, although my first name is a variation of what my parents chose for my muddle name. It means “famous warrior”. My chosen middle name was chosen as a common family name in my family. It was my paternal grandfather’s name and it means “romantic”, or something like that. The actual meaning of the names were not a factor in my choice.

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Well, according to this here fridge magnet so it must be true, my first name is from the gaelic word for cheerful. It goes on to say, he’s smart, makes friends easily & never loses his sense of humour…...oh & he thrives on a challenge. Why ya bugger!! I don’t have a middle name…..couldn’t afford one :¬)

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According to at least two “baby names” websites, my first name (Leanne) means “Gracious Plum”! I have never heard of that before. I don’t have a middle name. It’s an English name apparently.

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Oh no I was never given a middle name. Paradox will be my new middle name.

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KIMBERLY: English surname transferred to unisex forename use, from the name of a South African town first brought to the public’s notice by the Boer War in the 19th century. The town was named for Lord Kimberley whose ancestors derived their name from a place in England composed of the Old English elements cyne “king,” burg “city” and leah “meadow, pasture,” hence “King’s City Meadow.”

My parents named me Kimberly after the pink power ranger from the Power Rangers T.V. show in the 90’s. They thought it sounded nice.

Middle name’s Sucayan, it’s Filipino, my mom’s last name before she got married to my dad.

Eva, not sure it’s Filipino but here: early Medieval English origin, and derives from the rare medieval female personal name ‘Eve’ or ‘Eva’, from the Hebrew name ‘Chava’, thought to mean either ‘life’ or ‘serpent’.

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