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How can I quickly cure a hoarse voice?

Asked by weeveeship (4584points) November 4th, 2010

The hoarse voice is due to a flu/severe cold (not sure which but I have a lot of mucus and a slight fever.) I think I have a hoarse voice because I coughed too much.

I got a huge presentation early next week so I must recover over the weekend. Please help.

Thanks, Fluther folks. I’ve always liked your advice.

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Mint tea works best for me

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Hyssop tea will soothe your throat and it tastes goog, too.

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I think any tea, as long as it doesn’t have a bunch of irritating spices in it
When I was a kid and I got sick I always got warm chicken broth to drink (get the lowfat kind though if you do this!)
Try to avoid milk products—dairy tends to worsen voices

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Tea sweetened with honey is excellent. The honey is more important than the tea. I use it to help my voice for singing, if I have a cold.

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Sucking on hard candy or a throat lozenge may help, too.

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Taking aspirin can help. Tea’s a great idea.

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Geez stoked nobody said this one. Apple cider vinegar with honey, put it in the microwave for a bit just to warm it up. Take small sips, spit or swallow which ever you prefer. I personally like to swallow, I mean, cant have all that good stuff go to waste now. The acidity of the vinegar helps so try and swallow a little, its good for you.

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Try making a hot drink with honey and lemon.

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Give it time. Use the advice above. Quickly doesn’t work.

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My acting/singing ex-girlfriend used to swear by hot tea with honey and lemon.

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Honey and liquid seems to be the common element here. The rest is probably just flavoring. Although mint might settle your tummy, too.

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Don’t talk. Your vocal chords are probably swollen. If you avoid talking for a couple of days, it should begin to go back to normal. Soothing liquids to drink are good also. Nothing very hot, hot causes inflammation, warm is fine. Cold reduces inflammation, but it also tightens muscles. So nothing too cold. Singers use warm liquids to loosen their vocal chords, like an athlete warms up, to avoid injury and loosen their muscles, which is slightly different than your problem.

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I wanted to add that people tend to suggest chicken soup and tea for colds, colds are stuffy heads, sniffles. Hot liquids make sense, loosen phlegm, hydrate, comforting, but sore throats and laryngitis is different that a run of the mill cold. Always think about the old wives tales a grandmas recipes logically, some are very good when applied in the right circumstance, but don’t walk away from basics you have learned about health and your body.

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Hot tea with honey as long as it is not green tea. Green tea tends to aggravate throats.

You can also try a hot lemonade sweetened with honey.

When you’re tired of the sweetness of all the liquids you have been drinking, salty broth also helps.

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I like lemon tea with honey!

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Would drinking a lot of water help?

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I would also try menthol cough drops like Halls and make sure to inhale deeply.
Also apply Vicks Vapor Rub, or anything similar, to your chest before you go to bed. It vapors will help clear your head and relieve your aggravated throat.

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First you need to find something to keep you from coughing so your throat can heal. I can’t take any cold medicans, which unfortantatly I have one now. An elderly lady that I new many years ago told me to take an onion, grate it until you get about two teaspoons of juice, add a little honey and lemon. I thought she was nuts, but I tried it that night. It tasted awful, but it worked. I swear by it, got rid of the cough and broke up that phlem. Some other advice, don’t put things in the microwave if you are trying to get the benefits out of something, the microwave will destroys all the nutrients. Apple cider vinegar only get from the health food store that has the sediment, the more the better. In the store the Apple cide vinegar doesn’t have any sediment so it’s only good for flavor.

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@mistic84 Tried that. What will the rub do? Not sure if I am using it properly.

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I am pretty sure no one said this except me, and I feel the need to point it out again. The best thing to do is not talk, talk as little as possible for a couple of days. No telephone, write on paper to communicate.

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Get a little bell! And ring it when you need something. Everyone loves that!

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@all Yay! I guess I’ll just be reeeaaaallly quiet for the next couple days! (really, I think that’s the only thing I could do. I’ll keep drinking the lemon tea though)

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You need to put enough Vapor Rub on so when you put your shirt on you feel the “heat” from it. You should be rubbing your upper chest and neck with plenty of it.

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hi guys i need HELP right now cause in 2 day im gonna audition for glee club
can you help me how to get my voice back!! please help me i need help so much this is a big deal wait no its more than big deal its the biggest deal ever!!! :( PLEASE HELP ME!!

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