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Why does my Internet Explorer frequently stop working?

Asked by JeffHP (92points) November 4th, 2010

My Internet Explorer has been giving me a prompt as of late. It says “internet explorer has stopped working” and it only sometimes kicks me offline. Most of the time I can hit the cancel button and I can go on with my exploring. Is it a virius? If so, how can I know for sure and get rid of it?

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IE is the worst possible browser. It’s buggy and slow and there’s no reason to keep using it. Try Firefox or Chrome or Safari
All are better than Explorer, it’s a matter of preference. I’ve used all and like Chrome the best for most surfing (it does have a little glitch with Windows Live Messenger at times). Firefox and Chrome both have the AdBlock extension too which makes the net a clean and beautiful place.
Whichever you decide, you can then go into Windows Security settings and turn off Automatic Updates so you don’t have to take the endless IE updates any more.

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I have a Belkin Wireless adapter because I thiught my wireless card in my laptop might be bad. I’ve had it for awhile now. My laptop has been connecting to the wireless internet as of late without the adapter, but the last few days I have been getting the “internet-has-stopped- working” prompt. Could the adapter be going bad? How long do they usually last?

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oh my god, people still use internet explorer?

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Probably because it asks you incessantly if you’re sure you want to be on the site you’re on.

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