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Spiderman... the musical?

Asked by seazen (6113points) November 5th, 2010

Holy Chorus Line, Batman – Spiderman the Musical is having problems from the music (by U2, no less) to the logistics – including a couple of injuries while, you guessed it, flying through the air.

But I’d like to discuss something a little more serious, perhaps even philosophical: why you making my Spiderman into a musical, huh? Is nothing sacred?

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seazen – nothing should be considered sacred. ;-) But consider something like “In the Heights.” Essentially, they turned dominican life in Washington Heights into a musical – and it was AWESOME. U2 has done music for the movie soundtracks of Batman…so they know how to work it. Also, they’re U2. I’m hoping for big things, expecting nothing, and looking forward to buying the album even if the show itself sucks.

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I don’t know, but I’m still waiting for that E.T. musical.

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When you have run out of movie sequels, what next? The Musical plus On Ice. Wring every dollar you can out of it.

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It couldn’t possibly worse than Spiderman 3. Talk about raping a childhood icon…

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What? If Peter Pan can be a musical, if Chicago can be a musical, if the war in the Pacific can be a musical, there is no need to expect any different.

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eghhh what the fuck….. stop raping my childhood for money.

@crazyivan for some reason I feel like it could be running a tight race with spiderman 3

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There couldn’t possibly be a positive outcome of Spiderman breaking out in a softshoe number.

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