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Do you like your tattoo? Where could I find a good website where they have cool design for tattoos? Should I get one?

Asked by Yogi (40points) April 3rd, 2008 from iPhone

this will be my first tattoo and I just want to know how many people regret thiers and I just want some sort of idea what to look for in life.

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I dont have a tattoo yet, but i really want one. The reason i dont have one yet is because i’ve yet to find something that i know is perfect and i wont regret later in life. Whatever it is you get tattooed on you make sure its something special and unique to you. Then you wont ever have to worry about regret. Remember nothing trendy and NO NAMES.(unless its family or a passed away loved one)

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Tattoos shouldn’t be reverse engineered. As in, you want one, but you don’t know what. You’ll just end up compromising a design to fill your lust for ink.

With that said, once you have a concept, sketch out the basic premiss as best you can and take it to an artist you like. When you meet different artists explain the style you are envisioning, since different tattoo artists will be skilled with different styles. From there, examine their portfolios with scrutiny to make sure they meet your quality standards, their best work should be in their portfolios.

After all that’s squared away, you can then work on having the artist draw you concept into life. And I know it can be intimidating while there, but its VERY important that you speak up if there’s something you’re not sure about (size, placement, concept), or you think can be done better. Don’t settle for anything, ever.

Best of luck, let me know if you have any questions.

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It’s like MySpace for tattoo artists. I’m sure you’ll find a few designs that will help inspire you. :]

Personally, I want to get sparrows on my shoulder blades.

Good luck!

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I like the idea of tattoos, but I have yet to see an image or design that I would want on my skin permanently.

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I reiterate everything Spargett has said.

It always makes me sad when people settle for flash. Its fine and all if you already have an idea of what you want it to be…. but don’t just pick something to pick something. Its things like that which perpetuate tattoos as a ‘popularity’ thing rather than a cultural identity thing.

Also, cliche tattoos depress me to no end. If I see another sparrow, dragon, or average koi.

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Also… if you’re prone to being allergic to things get a dot test of red and yellow if you’re planning to use them. Some people find out a bit too late that they have allergies to that ink.

Secondly… and I cannot emphasize this enough… DO NOT GO TO A SCRATCHER. Go to a legitimate shop. Not your cousins buddy, or the like. Just…. don’t do that. Its not sanitary, it wont age well. It doesn’t matter if its cheaper. Its cheaper for a reason.
Make sure the shop is swell with the health codes there and if it looks really gicky there… LEAVE.

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