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If you could be able to interpret this dream then please help me.

Asked by Mickey16 (4points) November 5th, 2010

so basically, i have had the same dream for about three months.
***I was walking in a field towards this huge group of people. I see a man with a white long beard motioning me over (albus dumbledore xD) when i come over he says, “Guess what I have here.” And i looked over and i saw an extremely ugly beast. But i could immediately tell that it was a devil and that it was this one guy i know named Patrick. He growled at me, and i shuddered. Then i looked behind him and there was this other beast, but i couldnt tell who he was. Then he suddenly transformed and it was really my crush of five years, matthew. he was yelling at me to run but i was so confused. Then his friend patrick turned to him and started yelling at him for his betrayal, and he started cursing him saying that he was going to him matt and me. Then matt grabbed my arm and suddenly the dream changed. We were in a hallway holding hands and running for our lives. I couldnt tell what we were running from. I looked outside this window and it was all dark and creepy and i realized that their was a war going on. Then matthew kept begging me to run, and i listened to him. Then i heard a laugh from behind and i saw patrick chasing us. we kept running, and he was casting spells at us and trying to kill us. Then a white door appeared out of nowhere and i heard this loud scream from outside, it sounded familiar. But matthew opened the door and pushed me inside, i tried to pull him with me but he said no he had to finish something. Then he kissed me and closed the door.
The dream ended, sorry if its long :(

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There is a higher self that is trying to tell you something. It is warning you that you have these dangerous impulses—impulses that you love. A sensible side of you wants you to get the hell out of whatever those dangerous impulses are. The sensible side used to go along with the dangerous side.

You run, and you are running from something serious—that is, metaphorically, you must be doing something that is dangerous. It might be some kind of drugs or alcohol abuse? Most likely alcohol if it is a substance. But it could be anything that is a harmful activity or self-destructive activity—dropping out of school, cutting, you name it.

Now it seems that you’ve had some success stopping whatever it is you are doing that is bad for you, but it keeps on trying to seduce you again. It is something that must make you feel very good, because you keep on being tempted back to it.

The part of you that is heroic and really cares for you has pushed you to safety, for the moment. It has gone back to continue to fight for you.

Does this make any sense in your real life?

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i think that you have been watching way too many films
stay away from the box a little while

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@deni is that you?

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Sounds like you’ve been watching too much Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings!

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hmm idk sorry i cant help :/

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I suspect:
1. Field = Life in General.
2.Old Man = wisdom ( as a warning )or even ‘dirty old man”
3. Devil and “patrick” = “devil of a guy”...sneaky etc your play on words.
4.Another beast = more than one is after you. ( atracted sexually).
5.Patrick trying to “kill” you = he is trying to break up your relationship with Matt.
6.White door = your pure spiritual nature took over.
7. Kiss = closeness that you feel with matt.
Just taking a stab at dechipering. Pure speculation as “symbolism” frequently used in dreams.

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